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Some of the most common mistakes at work can damage and affect the reputation of even the most sincere and hardworking employee. Employees have concerns over missing deadlines, major mistakes, and expectations of their employers, but many of us do things every day without concern of what damage these could do to us professionally.  Let’s see some of the most common mistakes made at work and how you can avoid those mistakes.

Complaining about work

You should not complain about work whether you are in the office or posting on social media. You don’t want anyone else to be informed if you don’t like your job or your manager, as it can come back to your managers. Find aspects of your work that you do not like and try to improve instead of complaining. Work with your manager to connect your skills to different business projects.

Being too political

We all know about office politics but if you play it too much, you will be seen as a politician rather than a worker. If you are “too nice,” your co-workers can be jealous and start to dislike you. People are looking for transparency, openness, and genuineness in today’s workplace. If you manage relationships too politically, people will think you are fake or trying to cover up something.

Using workplace internet for personal tasks

Many employees write a personal email, browse favorite sites, or shop online during business hours. You should be aware that 25% of companies have fired employees for email misuse, and 26% dismissed employees for browsing non-work related sites. Many companies can read your email, look at your browser history, and see all that you typed and clicked on their computer using monitoring software. So for personal email, shopping or any other purpose use your own devices when you are off the clock.

Poor wardrobe choices

Dress codes range from formal to business casual to casual. Usually, it depends on the needs of the individual workplace and the customers it serves. Inappropriate clothing can be distracting and make an employee look unprofessional. Take a couple of minutes in the night before to choose your dress for the next day. Do not repeat a dress next if you find any strain, wrinkle, missing button, or loose thread in it. It is wise to avoid the same dress for two consecutive days. You are on the right track if you already do things properly.

Poor wardrobe choice

Not learning from your mistakes

If you can learn from mistakes, it can be extremely valuable. You can make the same mistakes over and over again if you brush them off. By learning from mistakes the more you can improve yourself, the more leadership you can demonstrate. It’s not easy to control your actions, especially when they make you look foolish to others. But you can’t learn until you do. Adjust your definition of failure and remember that you are not the only one who makes mistakes in the workplace. Therefore, making mistakes is not bad, but repeating those.

These are just 5 of the most common mistakes at work. They all share one thing, which is being careless about your behavior. Nobody expects you to be perfect, but you should try and be as professional as you can. It requires practice and diligence to adopt good work habits and exhibit proper manners. A little extra care can definitely help you to protect your reputation and career from self-sabotage.

Contributor: Tanzib Wasif

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