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I am working in HR of Nascenia and found that building a team wisely is the most important thing you can do to increase your chances of success. I think in today’s workplace retaining high-performing employees can be one of the hardest things to do.

I found out that the following seven strategies are helpful in retaining high performing employees:

1. Hire retainable employees:

A company should learn which types of employees stay with their business and why. Managers should occasionally talk with their most valued workers and find out what backgrounds, skills or personality characteristics your retainable employees have in common and why they are here for a long time? These can help them to define a more effective employee retention strategy for the rest of the workforce. We in Nascenia Ltd. try to select candidates who are living near to our office premise as we found that traffic jam is a major problem in our country and also many of our longer staying employees have this issue in common.

2. Offer something your competitors don’t:

You cannot expect to hire and retain quality employees unless you offer a competitive benefits package including other benefits. He or she won’t stay though you give all other facilities except a competitive benefits package. It is one of the most important reasons to stay with a company. In Nascenia we go for team events once in two or three months which other companies don’t do. Nascenia also takes us out of our country in every year with our families which help us to build a great team bonding.

3. Trust, empower and hold them responsible:

You need to show your employees that you trust them. You can build it by giving them responsibilities that allow them to grow. Whenever they will be treated as trustworthy they will habitually be responsible for their work.

4. Have empathy and show respect:

Human beings want to see themselves as being respected and appreciated. As the saying goes, people may readily forget the things that you said, but they will always recall the way you made them feel. Managers should make it a priority to show outward respect for employees on a regular basis which will lead to a strong and enduring workplace culture as well as positive experiences and memories that they will never forget.

5. Make their effort tied with the result:

If you link a part of your employees’ wages to the company’s performance, this will align their interests with the company’s revenue and profit goals. It will serve as an inherent incentive to stay with the company as it grows. Nascenia offers us a performance bonus quarterly and it is also linked to the company’s revenue.

6. Talented people don’t like the status quo :

A good employee generally wishes to progress his or her career within the company. Limited internal opportunities always discourage employees from staying with the company. The employer should consider opportunities to promote from within in their efforts to inspire others on the team to work towards the same goal.

7. Challenge them to match their intellect:

Every employee deserves the chance to try something new and more challenging as part of their responsibilities. Also, you will be benefited from applying their knowledge and experience to new job duties. It is found in the research by Wharton professor Adam Grant that when people are able to connect their jobs to something meaningful, their productivity increases as much as five times. In Nascenia, in each quarter we have goals which include technical goal, personal development goal, and organizational development goal. By trying to achieve these goals, employees and as well as company is getting benefited.

Other than the above-mentioned points we found a good blog where you can find 15 Employee Engagement Activities For Your Small Business. If you are interested you can go to this article. Nascenia attracts best software developers in Bangladesh If you want to outsource your web or mobile application get in touch with us.

Contributor:  Azizun AfrozeNascenia

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