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You might belong to the richest family of the country or belong to the poorest – it doesn’t matter at all – you will be treated according to your merit – that’s the beauty of the admission system of the public universities of Bangladesh. You have to fight with hundreds of thousands of students all over the country – from every corner, gender, ethnicity or race to get into a good subject at a top university. A feat one can be proud of – an event that can change someone’s life.

Unfortunately, winning the battle of the admission test doesn’t mean that the journey for the next four years will be smooth for everyone. The real struggle starts afterward for not so privileged students.

You are not believing us? We are telling it from our real-life experiences.

Nascenia wanted to assess and evaluate if there is any need for assistance to the students who enter into the undergraduate education system in Bangladesh. As a part of the assessment process, we reached out to the students of University of Khulna and Khulna University of Engineering technology – two of the topmost universities in the country.

The findings were heart touching. I am quoting from one of the applicants below keeping the anonymity.

“….I am a first year student… I want to make you know that I have come from a very needy family of village. Our family consists of 6 (six) members. Me with my two younger brother and sister, as well as my grandmother is included with my parents. My father is a farmer but he has no lands of his own. He cultivates the lands of other people. By this he earns some money and hardly manages our family.

My father is the only earning member in our large family. He earns less than 3,000 taka per month. Now a days, this income is too low for maintaining a family’s expenditures. As a result, we are always in need. Moreover, my younger brother and sister are going to school. After maintaining our family cost, it is so tough to carry our educational expenses for my father. Besides, my grandmother is an aged and sick person. She suffers from various diseases.My father has to buy medicines for her regularly which is an extreme pressure on him.

Again, our area… is just near to the sea shore in the southern part of Bangladesh. So we always have to fight against natural calamities to survive. Cyclone, floods are very often occurred in our locality. In recent we were affected by devastating cyclone “AILA” which brought about a great misery in our whole life and the emancipatory result is still existing in our lifestyles.

Among this whole adverse situation like financial and ecological, I had to continue my study. In the primary and junior scholarship I got talentpool scholarship having a position 1st in our Upazila. Also in the S.S.C examination, I was 1st in our Upazila having GPA 5.00(golden). In the H.S.C, I also obtained gpa 5.00 (golden).

From very early in my life, I had dream to be an engineer in my practical life. By the grace of the Creator and my best effort, as well as my family, at present ,I am on the track as I am a student of …. Now I want to be settled as a computer engineer. As a student of CSE, I need a computer. But I have no computer at present and I can’t imagine to buy a computer because of my financial miseries. So,instantly I need help from you.If i get a laptop from nascenia, it will be very helpful for my higher studies.And I will be really grateful to you in my ever life….”

This is one of the many. All of the stories are heart touching. Some of them were hard to believe, some of them made us numb, some of them brought tears in our eyes.

We wish, we could reach out to every such student of Bangladesh. We are afraid, we have our limitations. However, we tried to contribute a little to three of them this year. A laptop for each of them so that, they can start practicing programming from the next day. We started this practice in 2012 and running it for the last 7 years Alhamdulillah.

Giving laptop to Abid Afsan Hamid | A little contribution to make a big difference

This year Abid Afsan Hamid is one of them (he has a different story, and we won’t publish his in order to protect his privacy). You can see him in this photo along with Dr. Md. Anisur Rahman, Head of CSE Discipline, Prof. Dr. Md Enamul Kabir, FWT Discipline, and Dr. Uttam Kumar Mandal.

We are privileged to be a part of the study of Abid. We believe that he will make an excellent engineer and a human being. We also wish to continue the endeavor in future.

We believe, that, Abid and the likes are assets of our country. All they need is a little contribution from you – just for 4 years. They will later contribute to the society, and will surely pay the generosity forward in a manifold. We look forward to that.

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