Published On: August 7th, 20151.2 min read

Masud Rana, one of our software engineers, took a brown bag session on Angular JS custom directive. Directives are the root and core functionality of AngularJS. It has many built-in directives like ngModel, ngClick, ngShow, ngHide, etc. These can be used to manipulate the DOM, event handler, data binding, associate controller/scope with view templates, and so on. Although the built-in directives provide many different functionalities, AngularJS gives us the freedom to write custom directives as per our needs.

Angular JS Custom Directive Blog

In this presentation, you will get to know about the technique of writing a custom directive of Angular JS. Also, you will have some examples for better understanding.

AngularJS custom directives are like supercharged tools that let developers enhance HTML and make it dance to their tune. They’re like magic tags you sprinkle on HTML elements, giving you the power to create your reusable widgets and features. Such as you can build a cool carousel or a fancy tooltip!

Custom directives make your code more organized, and easier to understand, and promote the idea of writing less repetitive code. With custom directives, you can create personalized bits of HTML with their special functions, making your Angular JS apps more flexible and fun to work with. These are the secret ingredients for building web applications that stand out.

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