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The viigii e-commerce service helps gift-givers connect with their recipients by sending an interactive virtual preview while the gift is in the mail. As a simple add-on to online purchases, viigii allows customers to celebrate on the day itself without worrying when the package will arrive.

Project Details

Client: Viigii, USA

Technology: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Javascript, Shopify API, BigCommerce API and Stripe

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Journey onboard the Norröna has never been more experiential than with its latest mobile app; Smyril Line helped transform the passenger ship into a smart ship whereby the passenger can view ticket info, destination path and direction, news from the shipowner, coupons and offers, duty free items and every other information about the ship!

Project Details

Client: Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) – a subsidiary of Telenor group

Technology: Android, iOS, WordPress, Onyx Beacon

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JetbuiltGO is a tool to quote Commercial and Residential AV, IT and Security projects alongside the client. The app gives the user the mobility to design collaboratively with the client in real time, and enables a faster project proposal process.

Project Details

Client: Jetbuilt

Technology: iOS, Swift, Ruby on Rails 3.2

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QBS App is a platform for customers to avail offers of different retail brands. Customers can utilize the app to access promotional offers, product/service adverts and it is a means of communication of information.

Project Details

Client: QBS, Malta

Technology: iOS, Android

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The Shippax app was specifically designed for guests attending the "Ferry Shipping Conference 2017". Through the app, guests attending the conference can: - use BlueDot location tracking, pathfinding, and search nearby points of interest - receive announcements, enabling them to follow the new announcements - view speakers and their details - view exhibitors’ information

Project Details

Client: Telenor Maritime

Technology: Android

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