Bangladesh as an IT Outsourcing Destination

June 9, 2015

Jesper, the co-founder of Better Collective came to Bangladesh searching for an IT company for his Betting Expert project. He met Nascenia Ltd. through a matchmaking session arranged by BASIS (Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Services). This resulted in two years collaboration between Better Collective and Nascenia which then became a tremendously successful partnership.

We have opportunities out there. Bangladesh has the capacity to build world class applications. All it needs is a better branding and more exposure. Nascenia is just one example of IT outsourcing in Bangladesh.

Nascenia selected by Better Collective to set up their websites

Nascenia selected by Better Collective to set up their websites

Bangladesh now is attracting a lot of global outsourcing businesses. We have moved in the top 30 for the first time in global outsourcing according to a study by Gartner. This is quite an achievement for our country. The IT outsourcing of Bangladesh plays a significant role in attaining this position. Bangladesh is not the only country which is advancing in IT export, other emerging nations are also showing this trend too. So we can proudly say that our country is an attractive global IT outsourcing destination.


The government of Bangladesh has an election mandate to transform the country into ‘Digital Bangladesh’. And they are already taking steps to meet that goal. We have seen some remarkable works in the ICT sector. Like, now all the police stations in the country have a broadband connection. All kinds of utility bills can be paid online, railway and plane tickets can also be bought online and various government forms are available online. These services are put in place by the government. Our government is working hard to make this country as a technologically cutting-edge one. By these developments, we are getting the government support and the necessary infrastructure for the IT export industry.

Services and Forms Portal Launched

Services and Forms Portal Launched

We have a supporting infrastructure which is an important ingredient for the sector’s success. Electricity supply has been improved hugely, our telecom sector is robust as there has been a mobile phone revolution in Bangladesh as we can see in our everyday life.

The private sector is not far behind either. It is also showing similar progress. We can see that e-commerce has become very popular recently in our country. The private sector has a big contribution behind the advancements in the IT sector. Eventually, the growth of this sector drives the economic growth of the country as a whole. In fiscal 2012-13, our GDP growth was 6%. Bangladesh’s young, ambitious and hardworking workforce has been a force behind the economic growth and also behind the ICT growth.


Now we have 81 private universities in addition to 37 public universities. Also, some are going abroad for studies and then come back to Bangladesh. These three sources are giving us the skilled labor pool needed for the IT outsourcing industry. They are not just skilled and available they are motivated too. That’s the secret behind our doing well in IT outsourcing.

We are financially attractive to the global outsourcers. This is because our cost of living is not as high as Europe and the USA. This is our competitive advantage which is working in favor of us. But we are competing with the multinationals too. Still, we are advancing. All the factors indicate that we can dream to become a powerhouse in the IT outsourcing sector in time.

Contributor: Fatema Hossain, Business Executive, Nascenia

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