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Finding the ‘best’ is not easy with millions of developers working on mobile app development today. I believe, a team with the following qualities should be considered the best.

A team that fully understands user requirements

Understanding your requirement is the first thing a development team should do. It is one of the most difficult one as well. Often clients are not sure about what they want to see in the final product. They have a vision for the serve and vision includes a lot of vague, long term features. The team has to ask for details and try to make things as specific as possible. As projects are time bound, both the team and the client should know what is achievable and what is not.

A team that provides comprehensive service

Mobile app development needs three types of activities – design, client and server side development. Make sure the development team has all three of them. Having all three types at one place has some benefits. When the team freezes user stories, designer prepares mockup and design so that development team can start development. Front and back end developer co-ordinate with each other to build a consistent and bug free app.

A team with the right skill and experience

In mobile development, it is important that you find the team with right skill and experience. It is better to go with a team specialized in a particular area. For example, Nascenia specializes on Android and iOS mobile app development. We prefer Ruby on Rails and PHP frameworks for back-end development. If you want to develop Windows Phone or Firefox OS app, perhaps we are not the right one for you.

The ‘BEST’ mobile app team should be able to give you people with the right experience and skill. Sometimes you might need mix of senior and junior developers and sometimes only 1 developer and 1 QA should do it.

A team that is proactive and communicative

Being proactive is very important. I believe proactiveness helps to create synergy among the developers, designers and clients. It ultimately creates a better product. When clients are doing something new, they are not sure about every little details of the product. Sometimes they know what is good for business, but overlook what is technologically achievable within the given time frame of the project. It is the development teams responsibility to proactively balance what is good for the business and for the project.

Any team doing best in the areas above should be considered ‘best’ for you on mobile app development project. If you need more on your mobile app project you can contact us.

Best wishes!

Contributor: Mushtahir Aziz Rahman, Senior Executive, Nascenia

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