Bumpy Road of a Startup

November 5, 2010

It’s a continuous high and low. We receive an award on one moment, an important client becomes non-responsive on the next. We get a nod from a major client, one of our engineers leaves for a multinational on the next. If you like roller coster ride, bungee jumping, adrenaline rush, horror film or something of that sort, you gotta love the ride on a startup.

No guarantee of a paycheck at the end of the month, you punch your ATM card not to see the account is topped up by an invisible one. You got to plan for your next dollar, but you never know where it is coming from. Usually it comes from an unusual source. Boy! You gotta love this one.

So, how do you survive these? You must know how to dream. Dream of a glorified future on the expense of the bumpy road ahead. That’s the entry barrier to this territory. That’s why it is not everybody’s cup of tea.

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Well, when there is a point of getting started then there is point of being chased by some unknown evil which is also named THE PROBLEMS. However, lots of people and entrepreneurs may say that we have that problem & that problem, those allegation blah blah..but the successful story only remain in one line that “We faced – we broke – we have succeeded – now we stand strong”……It’s very much obvious to say that The Captain Of The Ship is very much dependable, courageous, futuristic, diplomatic and above all…….an arrow with an endless speed towards goal….I wish you all the success and pray to almighty for overcoming all kind of barricade.


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