Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is one of the most prominent public universities in Bangladesh. It is run by the armed forces with the goal of furthering knowledge in the field of national security, technology, and modern science. BUP facilitates professional degrees and runs undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs.

In March 2019, Bangladesh University of Professionals approached several shortlisted software companies in order to develop their BUP Website having the functionalities of content management. They invited the shortlisted entities to a pre-bid meeting to discuss and clarify the details about their cause, ideas, requirements, and preferences. Nascenia achieved the project through a competitive bidding process.

The client mainly wanted a website with lots of customization and dynamic content. It would have to be a platform for showcasing their progress, academics, admissions, and on-going campus activity details, the timeline of past and upcoming events, notices as well as news and etc. There were diversified contents such as photos, videos, news, events, pdf, and so on.

What Features Did Nascenia Implement?

When Nascenia rolled out the application within 5 months, it went on to implement the following key requirements for this CMS

  • Full dynamic website in Open Source Programming language that allows publishing, editing, and modifying the content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface.
  • Very responsive, attractive, and consistent UI
  • A complicated role management system for admin users
  • Upload and maintenance of the large volume of pdfs


This application was built from scratch in Rails platform. The role management system was developed using cancan gem.  We were responsible for wireframing, designing, integrating designs, optimizing databases, and deploying the application to the cloud.

The following database design may help you to understand the workflow:

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Contributor: Lamia Salsabil

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