We gathered information about the mobility of COVID-infected patients from telecommunication companies in Bangladesh which they gathered through their client’s calls to their health-related helpline. Bangladesh has a nationwide call center number (333) through which a citizen can query about getting information about a service provider. Covid-19 was one of them. We gathered information from there as well. Besides, the ministry of health and family welfare provided us with information regarding Covid-19 test results on a daily basis. Some of the government ministries provided us data on vaccinations. We used data scraping techniques for gathering meaningful information from several websites as well.

Eventually, we processed all these data, stored them in a warehouse, and provided different kinds of visualization tools to the concerned authorities for taking the necessary actions.

Project Details

Client: a2i / Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Technology: PHP 7.x (Open-Source Development Framework like Laravel), Python 3.x, R, Apache Spark, Apache pandas, RDBMS (MySQL/MSSQL and IIS), NoSQL (MongoDB/ neo4j), Visualization tool (Apache Superset, ArcGIS, Tableau), Java-based visualization (High Chart, Open Street Map)

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Cheif Operating Officer | Fuad Omar | Nascenia

Fuad Omar

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