Christoph Dunkake, a German born Swiss IT consultant turned entrepreneur, had a dream. He wanted to build a marketplace where local producers can sell and interact with each other and customers can know the origin of a product. Through the platform farmers should be able to sell quality products across the country directly to consumers and grow their businesses. Christoph named his idea Farmilio and wanted to build an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to quick test the idea in the market.

Farmilio | Nascenia

Farmilio is a web application built with Ruby on Rails, and developed by Nascenia

Christoph met Nascenia in 2013. Nascenia was growing fast and becoming one of the most prominent software development companies in Bangladesh at that time. Headed by two Scrum Masters and a veteran market specialist, Nascenia was aspiring to reach out more international clients. It already had 32 projects in its portfolio. It was visiting CeBit for the first time. Shaer and Faruk – co-founders of the company, set up a small booth around the corner. Christoph walked in and the chemistry instantly clicked. However, Christoph was not in a position to outsource then. He and Nascenia team stayed in touch.

In CeBit 2014, the two parties met again and Christoph finally let Nascenia build the application of Farmilio to from May 2014.

Project started with analyzing documentation that Christoph provided. Nascenia extracted a list of User Stories based on it. After agreeing with the estimation and the signing of a contract, the work started!

Nascenia and Famillio team now work as partners to achieve a common goal – developing and maintaining a sustainable marketplace for local producers. Their offices are located hundreds of miles apart, but the teams treat each other like colleagues. They keep each other in the loop via Pivotal Tracker, an online project management tool. They meet over Skype at least once a week. While Christoph is currently busy fine-tuning the product-features, validating them by customers and marketing his products; Nascenia in Bangladesh is taking care of the UI design integration, software development, database management and server maintenance in the cloud.

Farmillio has grown to become a German-Swiss based platform for quality and sustainability aware gourmets who can find quality products from local farmers, hunters, fishers and small processors. It promotes regional direct marketing by offering sellers a quick and easy way to offer superior products. Buyers can quickly find the latest offers in their region. Currently, users use the website for free.

The website is built on technologies like Ruby on Rails 4.1, MySQL, Solr, WordPress, Google MAP and GeoLocations. The site supports multi languages.

Nascenia has 53 projects in the portfolio now. It has experience of working with clients of 12 countries.

There are many visionaries out there who want to build something big. You may have ideas that would challenge, disrupt and redefine existing way of work. Partnering up with teams like Nascenia will reduce the cost, time and effort to achieving your cherished dream.

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Cheif Operating Officer | Fuad Omar | Nascenia

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