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A lot has been going on since we last updated the blog.

A new year has been rolled out, we visited Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, and again the Netherlands.

We met the great team Better Collective, who hosted us in Denmark…

In Copenhagen at the office of Better Collective

In Copenhagen at the office of Better Collective

I met Mohamad at a conference in Amsterdam. I presented a simple concept there: Challenges of outsourcing:

[slideshare id=16134741&doc=presentationchallengeofoursourcing-130123050621-phpapp01&w=450]

Mohamed wrote me with his future project. Fuad wrote back (I was in Saudi Arabia at that time performing Hajj).

We got the great project HorseCount. More importantly, we met a great person — Eli Westerlaken. He flew to Dhaka with a week’s notice just to kick-start the project.

Janis, Camilla, and Thomas from Better Collective visited us in Bangladesh. We did not give them a polished hospitality — we lured them to the largest mangrove jungle on earth, inhabited by predator Royal Bengal tigers! They looked happy anyway:

Nascenia and Better Collective in the forest of Sundarban

Nascenia and Better Collective in the forest of Sundarban

You can visit our FB photo album to have a closer look at the jungle and its visitors.

They presented their team to us on their way back:

BC presenting about themselves to Nascenia

BC is presenting themselves to Nascenia

We presented them a little something, just to compensate mosquito bites near Sundarban, and hopefully to remember us:

Nascenia presenting BC visitors in Bangladesh

Nascenia presenting BC visitors in Bangladesh

I and Fattah went to Hanover to attend CeBIT. We had a booth there.

Nascenia at CeBIT, Hanover

Nascenia at CeBIT, Hanover

A lot of people joined our team. We almost doubled in the last six months. We are a team of 30 now! And growing. We need to update their pics on our site.

Robiul won Nascenia award in of Khulna this year:

Robiul, Khulna University afer getting scholarship from Nascenia

Robiul, Khulna University looks happy getting a scholarship from Nascenia

We have started to develop iPhone and Android app. Started to work on front-end-design.

We have been featured on website ITC (International Trade Centre).

Looking forward to a great time ahead.

Looking forward to our third anniversary of Nascenia this July.

Contributor: Shaer Hasan, CEO, Nascenia

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