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Choosing the right outsourcing country needs careful consideration. My team, Nascenia is a web and mobile development team located in Bangladesh, South Asia. The team has worked with clients from USA, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Nigeria. From our experience, we see the following three things clients look before choosing a country to outsource their project. 

1) Required technical and communication skill

2) Infrastructure support

3) Cost advantage

Required Technical & Communication Skill

It is important to see if the country has development teams with necessary skills. For example, in Bangladesh, my team is the biggest Ruby on Rails team. We work with startups to build their next big thing. Interestingly not many firms in Bangladesh promotes RoR as their core expertise. So, suppose you want to develop a web application with ruby on rails. The country cannot give you many teams in Bangladesh. But if you are thinking about PHP frameworks for web, iOS and Android platforms for mobile you will get many.

Communication is extremely important for remote developers. By communication, I mean the ability to properly convey a message, even with incorrect grammar. I have read somewhere that 98% of the people in the world speak in bad English. In Bangladesh, English is emphasized and taught as a second language. If you want to communicate in English, it is better to choose a Bangladeshi developer than another country where kids do not learn English from childhood. In remote development, everything breaks down if two parties do not understand each other. 

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure support is the next thing clients look at. This includes internet connectivity and speed, availability of necessary devices, power connectivity and so on. In Bangladesh, where my team is located, internet connectivity in businesses ranges from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps (each connection) and it can go upwards. The connection is good enough remote collaboration but maybe not on par with that of a developed country. Since project management and communication happens over the internet, disruption of power and connectivity is a priority before choosing a remote developer.

Cost Advantage

The cost advantage is a key reason to go for remote development. Cost difference can result from a variety of reasons. One reason is – low living cost. The living cost differs from country to country. Living cost in the United States is significantly higher than that in Bangladesh. I made a comparison between the United States and Bangladesh in Numbeo and found the following result. 

Indices difference between US and Bangladesh

If we compare the condition between Sweden and Bangladesh and can see the following result.

Indices difference between Sweden and Bangladesh

These are the three main reason that clients consider before outsourcing web and mobile application development. As for which country to outsource, it seems South Asian countries like Bangladesh are good candidates as they have the necessary skills and infrastructure and also, provide the necessary cost advantage.

Contributor: Mushtahir Aziz Rahman, Business Executive, Nascenia

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