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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a web application and I would to check for security Vulnerabilities. Is it possible to get that information?2021-05-26T05:16:19+00:00

Yes, of course, it is possible.

I have a project idea, but I’m not an engineer. Would you please cooperate with the development of this project?2021-05-26T05:25:01+00:00

Yes, we will do our best to cooperate. Even if our client is not an engineer, we will develop it according to your request just by listening to the client’s request.

What is the time difference?2021-05-26T05:28:26+00:00

We are in the Bangladesh Standard Time (BST) time zone, which is six hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. The time difference with Japan is -3 hours.

How do you manage projects?2021-05-26T05:31:55+00:00

Customers have good control over their projects. In that case, our project manager will be the only contact person and will work closely with the customer to solve the problem.

Do you offer maintenace and support after development?2021-05-26T05:35:04+00:00

Yes, we do. We will perform maintenance after development based on the maintenance contract concluded with the customer.

What kind of development process do you follow?2021-05-26T05:36:46+00:00

We adopt a waterfall type development process or an agile type development process according to the requirements of the project. In the agile development process, we have the expertise associated with the Scrum and Kanban frameworks.

What kind of organization is Nascenia? What type of work do you do?2021-02-22T10:55:19+00:00

Nascenia is a software development company. They build custom web and mobile applications for different companies in this world. As they are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh they can offer competitive pricing with great skilled software resources. Although Nascenia can be your outsourcing partner, they have some differences over many other outsourcing partners. They are one of the very best companies in Bangladesh, hire the most talented engineers from the country and has been working with different North American and European companies since their incorporation.

Nascenia is an expert in Ruby on Rails and mobile application development for Android and iOS. They also have a strong team in PHP and .net framework.

Recently, they started working with blockchain technology.

If you want to implement an idea into a software product or if you already have an existing product that needs further development, you can get in touch with them.

Where are you located?2021-02-22T10:54:40+00:00

We are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Who are your clients?2021-02-22T10:54:02+00:00
What is your policy on copyright and intellectual property?2021-02-22T10:53:27+00:00

You own the codes and designs we produce during the project. Before we work, we will put a service agreement in place that will assign ownership of all work product and deliverables to you as long as we are paid for the services we perform.

How do you assure confidentiality and safeguard my intellectual property?2021-02-22T10:52:53+00:00

We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you and all our employees are full-time employees, and are bound by the company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses.

Are you member of any industry bodies?2021-02-22T10:51:52+00:00

We are a member of BASIS.

What is the minimum project size that you accept?2021-02-22T10:51:19+00:00

We accept projects which requires at least 3 months.

Do you have any reference that I can call?2021-02-22T10:50:37+00:00

Absolutely. We believe checking reference is an important part of the buying process. We usually send over our references after we determine that we are a good fit for you and your project.

How large is your company?2021-02-22T10:43:08+00:00

We have a team of 70 skilled, experienced and energetic people.

What is the mix of personnel that would work on the project, e.g. development, design, project management, QA.2021-02-22T10:42:32+00:00

The typical size of each project team is 2-3 developers including UI/UX designers, software developers, project manager and quality assurer.

How do you recruit and hire your developers?2021-02-22T10:41:52+00:00

When we have a vacancy we give circular in linkedIn, Bdjobs and Facebook groups. We request interested applicants to send their CV at Then our project managers and senior developers goes through all the applicants CV thoroughly. The selected candidates are first called for a written interview to test their analytical and problem solving skills. If they score a certain percentage they are asked to attend a final viva test where after negotiation the developers are chosen.

What is the quality of people you employ?2021-02-22T10:40:58+00:00

The quality of a software development company is ultimately the quality of its people. Our people are very strong for software projects:

  • Are English-speaking Graduate/Post-Graduate Engineers
  • Have multiple years of industry experience, or are outstanding new engineers
  • All people have experience on off-shore projects with US/European clients
  • Most people are from premier engineering institutes or have proven exceptional abilities
  • Are industry-certified (Microsoft, Oracle etc)
  • The selection process is rigorous and includes 4+ hours of written tests, actual programming, 4+ hours of interviewing and reference checking!
  • About 2,000 candidates apply to us every month. We pick the top few among them.
Can you meet/work onsite?2021-02-22T10:39:44+00:00

Yes we do, where required. This may be especially useful in initial requirements gathering, final implementation or other pain points. In such cases, our consultants will work on-site at pre-decided rates.

Which development methodology do you use?2021-02-22T10:39:08+00:00

The primary methodology that we use is Agile, though we are versed in those that are widely accepted.

What is your QA process?2021-02-22T10:38:14+00:00

We have a designated QA team who are involved from day the project starts. Testing happens throughout the project, not just at the end. We also practice code reviews and pair programming to ensure that quality code is being written at all times.

How do you deal with urgent bug fixing?2021-02-22T10:37:37+00:00

We are doing our best to avoid programming errors in products delivered to our customers. However, everybody familiar with software development practice knows that from time to time bugs appear even in the highest quality products. We are trying to fix bugs as soon as possible.

How would you keep us aware of your progress?2021-02-22T10:36:45+00:00

We will send you regular project status reports weekly, milestone progress report, monthly project report. We use a combination of predetermined communication tools (e.g. Emails, Skype, etc.) as per your suggestions. You will also be able to check the progress in Project Management tools e.g. JIRA, PivotalTracker, etc.

Who will be My Point of Contact?2021-02-22T10:36:04+00:00

Project Manager will be your Point of Contact.

What development process do you use?2021-02-22T10:35:25+00:00

Nascenia team can follow Waterfall development process, or Agile development process as per project requirement. For Agile Development process Nascenia team has expertise to follow Scrum Framework as well as Kanban Framework.

Will you sign my NDA?2021-02-22T10:34:40+00:00

Yes, we will sign your NDA but before that our Business Development team will review your NDA terms and condition.

Have you ever failed on a project?2021-02-22T10:33:51+00:00

Yes, we have had a handful of projects fall in our history. In every case, the failure could be attributed to communication issues that included:

  • Not fully understanding the scope of the project
  • Misalignment with what was being built vs what was needed
  • Lack of client and team communication
Do you provide post development maintenance?2021-02-22T10:33:05+00:00

Yes, we do provide post development maintenance as per maintenance contract signed with you.

How can I request for a change?2021-02-22T10:32:29+00:00

Changes are always welcome by our Agile oriented team and to do that you have to follow our Change request process. We accept change request through mail or project management tools.

Do you do software testing, verifications and QA services?2021-02-22T10:31:46+00:00

Yes. We have a very strong QA team to do software testing, verifications and QA Services.

Can we do a pilot project?2021-02-22T10:31:00+00:00

We welcome you to try our services. You may choose to have us do a “risk-free” Pilot Period. We are confident enough to offer a pilot period because we have always succeeded in continuing the relationship after demonstration of ability in a pilot period.

What control do I have over the project?2021-02-22T10:25:21+00:00

You will have the ability to keep close control over the project. Our assigned Project Manager will be your single point-of-contact for all issue resolution, and will work closely with your guidelines.

What happens when you are done?2021-02-22T10:24:46+00:00

You will be notified by our Project manager when your project is done. You are always welcome to enter into a maintenance agreement with us after completion of  the development part of the project.

What are your payment terms? Do I need to pay any advance?2021-02-22T10:24:01+00:00

While billing by hour, we invoice once a month in arrears. While billing for a dedicated team, payment is due in advance for that month’s team.

What is the timeline to get started on a new project?2021-02-22T10:23:08+00:00

We are always evaluating new projects. The pre-project consulting process takes about 2 weeks. Our research, design and planning phase takes 4-6 weeks and development begins after that.

How long does a software project take?2021-02-22T10:22:25+00:00

It totally depends on your project requirements. Our highly qualified team is there to help you to estimate your project.

Which time zone are you in?2021-02-22T10:21:48+00:00

We are in Bangladesh Standard Time (BST) time zone which is six hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time.

How many hours do you typically work per week?2021-02-22T10:21:08+00:00

Typically we work 40 hours per week.

Who owns the right of the code?2021-02-22T10:20:22+00:00

In most of the cases, clients have the right of code. The rest is decided according to the agreement.

I am feeling insecure to share my idea, what if you steal it?2021-02-22T10:19:45+00:00

We will sign an NDA with you that will protect your idea from any kind of stealing.

Do you have any prior experience of working with US clients?2021-02-22T10:19:04+00:00

Yes, since our inception on 2010, we have been working with several US clients.

Do you have any prior experience of working with European clients?2021-02-22T10:18:21+00:00

Yes, since our inception on 2010, we have been working with several European clients.

Do you have any prior experience of working with Japanese clients?2021-02-22T10:17:44+00:00

Yes, since our inception on 2010, we have been working with Japanese clients.

Can your team members speak in English?2021-02-22T10:16:59+00:00

We start learning English as a language from class 1 and complete our 16 years of academic education in English.

Are you familiar with any CI tool?2021-02-22T10:15:54+00:00

Yes, we are very familiar with various CI tools such as Hudson, Semaphore, Circle CI.

How can I communicate with you?2021-02-22T10:15:08+00:00

You can communicate with us through mail, online tools such as skype or hangout and over phone according to your preference.

Do you follow agile/scrum?2021-02-22T10:14:28+00:00

Yes, we follow agile/scrum since 2008. Currently we have 4 Certified Scrum Masters. We are a big advocate of scrum in Bangladesh.

How do you treat your employees/How is your office environment?2021-02-22T10:13:50+00:00

We maintain flat organizational structure. We have developed a very friendly and warm working environment. We always encourage everyone to come up with  innovative ideas and take them seriously.

Do you use any project management tool?2021-02-22T10:12:32+00:00

Yes, we use different project management tools such as Trello, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Scrumpad, Unfuddle, Trajactory, Targetprocess.

Do you use any version control system?2021-02-22T10:11:51+00:00

Yes. We use Git.

Do you have experience of working with Amazon AWS?2021-02-22T10:11:15+00:00

Yes, we have extensive experience of working with Amazon EC2, S3, Cloudfront, EBS, SQS etc.

Do you have experience of working with cloud?2021-02-22T10:10:29+00:00

Yes, we have extensive experience of working with all the major cloud providers in the world. To name some are, Amazon EC2, Linode, Rackspace. All we need is a linux box or windows operating system to configure a server.

Do you have prior experience of working with Android?2021-02-22T10:09:47+00:00

Yes, we have extensive experience of working with Android; to name some are Shippax, Smyrilline, Biyeta, Goponjinish, Cribber.

Do you have prior experience of working with iOS?2021-02-22T10:08:24+00:00

Yes, we have extensive experience of working with iOS; to name some are Shippax, Smyrilline, JetBuiltGo, Goponjinish, Cribber.

Do you have prior experience of working with Ruby on Rails?2021-02-22T10:07:34+00:00

Yes, we have extensive experience of working with Ruby on Rails; to name some of our work are SnapKnot, Learn Socially, Undiscovered Kitchen, Well Travel, Broker Pro, Remote Lock, BDIPO, Biyeta, Farmilio, Simple Signup.

Do you have prior experience of working with PHP?2021-02-22T10:06:22+00:00

Yes, we have extensive experience of working with PHP; to name some of our work are Betting Expert, Tonic, Bhoganti.

Do you have prior experience of working with .NET technology?2021-02-22T10:05:25+00:00

Yes, we have extensive experience of working with .NET; to name some of our work are Alta Perspectiva, UMS Live, Nobex.

Is it possible to become your sales/marketing executive in my country?2021-02-22T10:04:39+00:00

Yes, it is definitely possible. Please get in touch with us for further procedure.

Do your employees work from home or from office?2021-02-22T10:03:43+00:00

All of our employees work from our physical office.

Do you have part time or full time employees?2021-02-22T10:02:44+00:00

All of our employees are full timers here in Nascenia.

I have an existing project which was developed by some other company. Can you help me to do further development on it?2021-02-22T10:01:58+00:00

Yes, we definitely can do that. We are doing this for years.

I have a project idea but I am not a technical person. Can you help me building my product?2021-02-22T10:01:17+00:00

Of course. You don’t need to be a technical person. All you need to do is explain us what do you want and we will take care rest.

Apart from developing my software, will you be able to maintain my server?2021-02-22T10:00:24+00:00

Yes, we have a team of very skilled people who are able to maintain your server.

How do you ensure quality of code?2021-02-22T09:59:32+00:00

We ensure quality of code through regular code review.

I have a web application. I want to check for any security vulnerabilities. Can you do that?2021-02-22T09:58:13+00:00

Yes, we definitely can do that for you.

Can I talk to someone in your company to discuss about my project/idea?2021-02-22T09:57:33+00:00

Of course, you can. As soon as you contact with us, we will respond according to your convenience to discuss about your project/idea.

What is the educational background of your employees?2021-02-22T09:56:20+00:00

All the programmers here have a graduation in Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering or Electrical Engineering (16 years of schooling). Many of them have Masters in the said subjects.

Do you have or encourage child labor?2021-02-22T09:55:27+00:00

We never encourage child labor.

Can you ensure the security of my project?2021-02-22T09:52:38+00:00

Yes, we will strictly maintain the security of your project.

Do you follow GDPR compliance?2021-02-22T09:50:45+00:00

Yes, we do follow GDPR compliance.

Are you Open in Corona Outbreak?2021-02-22T09:49:29+00:00

Yes. Our team is working from home and we are still open for new web development projects.