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It’s March 3, 2019. We are waiting to embrace the summer, the winter is supposed to be long gone – it’s spring here in Bangladesh. However, when I reached to the Ramna Park in Dhaka at 6:00 in the morning, I got a shiver – it was cold, pretty cold! We were supposed to start the run at 7:00 AM. I gave a heads up to everyone to be in the park by 6:30. I was a bit skeptical if anyone would show up that early during a weekend! We, tech persons are notoriously lazy to wake up such early in the morning – we (claim to) work beyond midnight.

To my surprise, I saw Tariqual – one of our beloved volunteers for the day (who completed 10 KM last year with an average speed of 5 KM per hour last year which is a tad better than a snail!). He gave me a big grin seeing me in shorts and t-shirts (I was shivering as I mentioned)!

We were observing the venue for one last time – it started to become vibrant with the walkers, joggers, and runners. During that time, I realized that I made a mistake – it made my shivering worse. I along with Ashiq Bhai came to the venue a day ago to mark our running routes. We were supposed to visit there long before. Unfortunately, Dhaka experienced quite a lot of rainfall over the last several days and we couldn’t make it to there. We had four types of events – 100 meters for the kids, 3 KM for the girls, 5 KM and 10 KM for everyone. Based on our study, we briefed the participants with maps and photos. The mistake was, we designed the route in clockwise, however, we found that everyone was walking counter-clockwise. It gave me goosebumps, I didn’t want to break the peace of the people in the park by going towards their direction. Considering my speed (which is no less than Usain Bolt), and invisibleness (I don’t know why people can’t see me who comes towards my direction), it was not a good idea either. My shivering turned into profound sweating in no time.

In the meantime, our beautiful runners started to show up. I didn’t realize that, the design of the t-shirts were so beautiful! (we designed it by the way, an effort of Billal Bhai and Shaer Bhai)

I was not sure, how would I convey the message of altering the routes, however, I started it with some courage and I didn’t look at anyone’s face during that time. It was like “no big deal” and “it will make the run easier and better”. Look at those grumpy faces!

It all started during April 2018. Ashiq Bhai came to me and asked if we could run all together from Nascenia? It’s not that, I run quite often, but, I love to run. So, I said “YEEESS!”. However, most of us were skeptical if we could run! Afterall, we sit all the day infront of computers and hate to leave our desks. To our surprise, it was a success, and we had a lot of fun.

This year, when, we announced the event during February, we were overwhelmed by the spontaneous responses. More than 30 registered and 27 confirmed. The most interesting part was the number of participants for 10 KM run. Guess the number? It was 12! After 3 weeks of preparation, here we are, standing in the beautiful garden of Ramna in Dhaka to start our run.

The run started at 7:45, it took quite a bit of time to assemble volunteers in their approximate points. By the time, I and Ashiq Bhai reached to the starting point, we were already tired (guess what, we walked for more than three kilometers even before the big program!).

Can I do it? Can we do it? How to win it?

Even before anyone realised, I shouted “RUN” and started to run (I am just kidding, nothing like that happened).

I kept running and running! I have to be the first!

And, soon I became alone! I was so fast (and furious), there was no one in my eyesight. Too easy, right? At one point, it became boring! Where have all the runners gone?

Then, I slowed down. Tried to enjoy the nature. Trying to engage me in different things. Even, I went to the washroom to kill some time.

This has nothing to do with the Aesop’s fable, ladies and gentlemen! I am gonna win (like the last time).

When, I am done with relaxation, I looked at the horizon. I found that Shaer Bhaia was running like there is no tomorrow. And, he overtook me with quite a distance.

I started my engine again and found that, it has become rusty with the breaks I took. On my way, I found that, our ladies are trying hard to walk. So, I gave them a chase and believe me, it really worked!

After the fourth lap, I got my rhythm back. When, I reached to the finishing mark, I found that, I was a little shy of 10 KM in Endomondo. I kept running and running until I became tired.

When, I came back to the meeting point, I found a bunch of achievers – with jolly faces. The volunteers came up with their sheets and we started calculating the result.

Then came the moments (I was waiting for)!


More medals!!

And, selfies!!

We had fun during that time, we had a lot of laugh, and we were trying to justify our performances. When I came back to office later, I collected some moments of the runners. Aren’t those wonderful?

Where did I stand at the end of the run?

Why don’t you take a look at here?

And, take some inspiration for the event of next year from our youngest runner, Suhaima?

I am sorry, but, I can’t write anymore, I have to wear my shoes and hit the track! Do you wanna join with me?



Nascenia is an award winning software development company based on Dhaka, Bangladesh and claims them as one of the best software companies in Bangladesh. Nascenia works with different technologies like Ruby on Rails, PHP, .net, Android, iOS, AI and blockchain technology. Run With Nascenia was an event organised for the team members and their family. The event took place on 3 March, 2019. The runners ran 10 KM, 5 KM and 3 KM, and 100 m in four different categories. Fuad Bin Omar, the COO of the company shared his experience of the events in this blog.

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