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Some of our web applications made with .NET Framework

Alta Perspectiva

Alta Perspectiva is a business collaborative learning model through which entrepreneurs and SMEs can share their business knowledge and help each other out.

Project Details

Client: Alta Perspectiva

Technology: .NET Framework, C#, Sql Server, Angular 2

Launch Site

UMS Live

UMS LIVE is a dashboard software application that organizes and presents information in chart format. The application covers interactive features such as ltering and drill-down. Users can easily monitor important data at a glance in dashboard which helps them take instantaneous and informed decisions.

Project Details

Client: Chess

Technology: ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6.0, AngularJS



Nobex is a web and mobile based language learning application. The app helps the users to learn necessary language required for their job. Recruiting agents of different countries use the app for their workers to learn required language. It removes the barrier of communication and makes workers more effective.

Project Details

Client: Nobex, Norway

Technology: ASP.NET MVC 6, Entity Framework 7, AngularJS 1.5

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