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I am working in HR at Nascenia and last time I shared how to retain best employees and now I will share how managers can play a great role establishing a team as he will be responsible for the various outcomes of the team.

Team Building

There are so many tips that will help build a successful work team. We have mentioned 7 steps that should be kept in mind while making up a work team:

Step 1: Gain your employees’ trust:

Leadership skill doesn’t mean claiming authority. Instead, try to gain your employees trust through transparency and being open to them. If your employees trust your judgment, they will work effectively even when you’re not around. Because the manager can’t be everywhere all the time, so you must gain your employee’s trust to keep up the work by themselves. In my working place, I always find that many of the employees work from home on emergency when they are on leave and that is one of the main reasons of being a successful organization in a very short time.

Step 2: Include them in the decision-making process:

Leaders should sometimes include them in the decision-making process. Don’t just assign tasks, give your teams open-ended projects and allow them to solve problems on their own. This will encourage them to cooperate and develop problem-solving skills. In every quarter in Nascenia, we run a morale-boosting campaign and here we reward employees in different categories and “Solution Master” is one of the measures.

Step 3: Evaluate team performance by giving a team goal:

If you can set a team goal which is a combination of all members’ contribution then success is at your door. You can evaluate team performance along with individual performance. Make sure that your team is in this process so that they know what’s required and agreed upon. In Nascenia, Our team leaders have a quarterly goal which is a mixture of his or her members’ goals so it becomes easier to accomplish those by all and which consequences a greater triumph.

Step 4: Work on individual Strength:

Team manager needs to understand what each member’s strengths are and let them work within their area of expertise. It is quite impossible to improve an employee upon their insufficiency, especially if it is part of their nature. In our workplace, if a team member is not good at communication, we partner him up with someone who is good at communication. It helps the member feel less insecure about his lacking and boost up the work progress.

Step 5: Let Them Know You Have Their Back:

As a team manager, you must let your employees know that you have their back no matter what. When the team acknowledges that they have your out-and-out support, they can move forward with faith and confidence.

Step 6: Give constant feedback proactively:

Feedback should be proactive and constant as it is the key to seeing if the team is on the right track. Many managers wait till any problem occurs but this kind of behavior should be eliminated as it slows down the work progress. So, being proactive and instant with feedbacks will save a lot of time and trouble.

Step 7: Always Celebrate Success:

Sometimes take a little time off from work to celebrate success and Nascenia is great in this matter. Here team leaders tell their team what they have accomplished so far and what they have all learned throughout the journey and celebrate off and on with their team after each successful work. Let me tell you an interesting incident, Nascenia has a project called which is an online matrimonial site, whenever here any marriage took place through this site the whole team go out and celebrate by their own.

Building an effective team is a challenge for every organization. Only with the right team dynamics and decision, everyone wins in the end.

I hope these resources will help you to create an effective work team.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”
________Henry Ford.

Happy Team Building :)

Contributor:  Azizun AfrozeNascenia

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