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An industry may produce the best quality software, may change the standards we are living in, what is the point if the people living in our world are deprived of it? Well, I’ll give you a simple example, how will you feel if you see bright minds, full of potential, are failing to continue their study, fulfill their dreams,  just because they are not well off? Awful! Right? We feel the same! It breaks our hearts when we see these bright students pushing so hard and yet failing because life is giving them a hard time.

Well, we saw plenty of it in our own experience. Let me share with you a real-life story, one of the many that we found from our scholarship applicants. I am quoting the exact words, keeping anonymity.  

“I don’t have any personal computer. As a CSE student, I need a PC for my studies. On the other hand, I am very interested in contest programming.

Unfortunately, I belong to a poor family. Besides, my family can not afford a PC at this moment due to my father’s condition. He got injured in a bus accident two months ago. My father is a poor farmer. As our family expenses increased day by day, he thought to go abroad. Before some months, he went to Kuwait. There he faced an accident. Two buses coming from different directions crashed and some people died on the spot. My father was in one bus and his each leg bones broke badly. After a long treatment, he is taking bed rest, a doctor prescribed him six-month bed rest.

My family has four members. My father, mother(housewife),  me and my younger sister who reads in class 9. My family earning is zero at this moment. Before this accident, my father’s monthly income was about 30,000 BDT per month and the expenditure of my family was near 30,000 BDT per month. My parents spent all the money on our education. Now, we have no saved money.

My relatives are helping us in this situation. I am searching for students to tuition them to bear some expenses that I can afford.  But, I can not afford a PC.

That’s why I need a scholarship by which I can afford a PC at least. Thank you.”

This is a scenario of a talented as well as a deprived student of Bangladesh who represents many others like him. They have different emotional stories that are hard to believe, yet the same fate of struggling. We feel a little help towards them will strengthen them, and motivate them to fight their way toward their dream.

As youths are the backbone of our country, businesses and entrepreneurs should come forward so that no limitations can stop their dreams to come true. Nascenia is helping students with needs since 2012 and running this practice for 7 years. We wish, we could reach out to every needy student there to fulfill their dream. Alas! Due to our resource limitations, we can help only a few students every year. We are looking forward to helping more students in the upcoming years.  

This year (2019) we helped three meritorious students of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET). Honorable faculty member, Mr. M.M.A. Hashem, Professor of Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, KUET helped us to reach the right candidates and handed the laptops to them. In the following images, you can see those bright students with the honorable faculty members. 

effort towards making the world a better living planet

effort towards making world better | NasceniaIt is our honor to help them make their dream come true. We hope, they will be good examples for the deprived meritorious students of our country by being successful in their respective fields and also by proving themselves as good human beings contributing to society. We wish them the very best for their bright future.

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