Published On: March 23rd, 20161.8 min read

Contributor: Hasan Imam Faisal, Nascenia

Recently we observed that, people encounter problems while seeking bride/groom because of the lack of professional matchmakers. They also hesitate to disclose their photos, address and other information to the existing matrimony sites. So we, Nascenia team, came up with the matrimony site “” giving full focus on the privacy of the users.

Biyeta ensures protection of privacy

Protecting privacy is Biyeta’s top priority


We expose only selective information as display name, age, height, marital status, profession, home district and religion of a user publicly. Detailed information about a user will be made available to other users, only when s/he will give permission to view the full biodata. Once a user gets access to view the full biodata, then s/he can send communication request to her/his preferred user. So, in our site, users determine whom they will allow to view their full biodata and whom they will interact. We don’t expose anything without prior permission from the users.


Users in this site are encouraged to verify their e-mail, phone number and Facebook. We also give a phone call to all the users and talk to them regarding their profiles. So, there is no chance of having any fake profiles in our site.


We facilitate our users to send message through our site. This option becomes active as soon as the communication request of any user is accepted by other. So, our site acts as a platform for these two users to know each other.  


Biyeta’s system makes it possible for users to find a list of potential bride/groom based on their preferences and select anyone from the list within a short period of time. However, since privacy is a top priority in Biyeta, users can only see a limited information at initial stage. After getting permission, the user can see more information and finally make contact with his/her preference.
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