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More of our interaction online happens on mobile devices. To take advantage of this recent trend, it is important to build mobile apps or make a website that is friendly to mobile browsing. However, before investing in the mobile app, there are a few things that need to be considered.

Factors to consider before choosing a mobile platform

You can choose to build either a native mobile app or Cross-platform mobile app.

Factors to Consider Before Building a Mobile App | Nascenia

Native mobile app

Native mobile apps are built with a programming language which is native to the device’s operating system. iOS and Android are the most popular native platform.

Native apps are the best choice:

  • when you want your app to have rich UI & smooth user experience and access all the device features, and
  • when your project is complex and challenging.

However, If you want to make your app in different platforms (e.g. iOS, Android) natively, developers need to write code in different programming languages – for instance, Objective-c or Swift for iOS, and Java for Android.

Cross-platform mobile apps

Cross-platform mobile apps are built using an intermediate language, such as Javascript, which is not native to the device’s operating system. A few, or all, of this code, can be shared across target platforms – for example, across both iOS and Android. As a result, when you need to make your app for multiple platforms (e.g. iOS and Android), you need not write most of the code multiple times. This would reduce both the time and cost of development.

However, cross-platform apps have limitations:

  • UI performance is significantly inferior to native apps.
  • The app cannot access all of the device features.

Most of the product owners choose to build native apps. This is because native apps are better than cross-platform mobile apps in terms of functionality, speed, smoothness, and richness of user experience.

Factors to consider before choosing app development team

After deciding on which platform to go with, look for developers who can build your app. You can recruit your own in-house team or go for outsourcing. By outsourcing, you will get expert in specific technology and can get rid of hassles for hiring and retaining talents. Before hiring your outsourcing partner, consider the following factors:


Choose a company which is serving for a long time and has completed a good number of projects. The more the experience, the more smoothly the company can complete your project.

Client reference and awards

Ask the company for client references. Then contact with the references and ask them about the company’s quality of work.

One stop solution

Try to find a company which builds an app on both of the most popular platforms – iOS, Android, so that to build your app in different platforms, you do not need to go to different companies and make them understand the same requirement again and again. This will save your time.

Besides, make sure the team also does maintenance work as once your app is made, it may need maintenance from time to time.

Protect your intellectual property

Before start sharing your idea with any firm, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

I hope that helps. You can check out more articles on the web and mobile app development.

Contributor: Nahian-Al-Hossain, Nascenia

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