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Contributor: Nahian-Al-Hossain Basunia, Nascenia

Finding prospects for software development company is different from that of tangible products. You have to be very persistent and thorough in your search. Here are some steps that a company can follow to find its prospects.

Company Profiling 

Know Thyself – at first the firm has to know its area of expertise. Then the firm can find out clients whose requirement match with company’s area of expertise. Besides technological expertise, the firm can consider some other factors like prospective clients’ geolocation, company size etc.This market segmentation allows a firm precisely to reach a consumer with specific needs and wants and take better strategic decision.

Lead Collection

On the basis of the target segment, the firm can start finding leads. In this regard, it can take advantage of LinkedIn and other job sites. It can attend different seminars, conference and fairs like CeBIT, Mobile World Congress and different matchmaking events. These kinds of activities are very helpful to get new leads.

Follow Up

The next job is to keep in touch with the collected prospects through mail or Newsletter. You can also invite the potential clients to visit your country. These things help relation building which eventually brings contract. Firms can also find prospects through  friends and relatives, and this makes following up easier.

Word of Mouth

Maintaining quality work is very important. If clients are satisfied with work, they will refer others. The firm can put the testimonial of previous clients in its website which would bring trust among the prospects.

Different Social Media Activities

The company should build its presence in different social media like Facebook, Twitter and others. It must join different relevant groups and be active in different issues so that its potential clients can see its expertise and it becomes noticeable.

Achieving Local Presence

By achieving local presence a company can attract clients of its targeted region/country. The company can do it by opening its own sales offices in that market with local staff. However, it  is quite expensive. So, firms with lower budget can work with a local representative or agent which will boast considerable market knowledge and well developed networks of market contacts.

This marketing work is time consuming but it will bear fruit if the firm is persistent. It may take a service provider to contact hundreds of companies before finding its first client. Hence, to secure a single client, The firm should contact as many prospects as possible.

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