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Gemini the AI Beast | Nascenia Blog

Google has just dropped a bomb in the AI world called Gemini

GEMINI was launched recently on December 6, last year, and a week later, on December 13th, Gemini Pro was launched and publicly available on Vertex AI. What if Gemini is only hype or it is something we need to talk about? Let’s get to the answer!

Gemini is the most advanced AI model Google has ever developed. 

It will bring new waves of innovation and economic progress and drive knowledge, learning, creativity, and productivity on a scale we haven’t seen before.“, 

says Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google.  

Gemini outruns GPT-4 on most benchmarks (30 out of 32 test categories). Let’s learn about its wide range of capabilities.


Google published an impressive demo highlighting Gemini’s multimodal model and its goal in a 6:22 minute video. However, it wasn’t shot in real-time but it is only a matter of time now!

Let’s discuss the main features of Gemini.

  • Multimodality: Comprehends and manages multiple kinds of input including text, images, audio, video, and code. 
  • Anything to anything: Gemini can not only comprehend different types of data but it can also transform the inputs into different outputs. For instance, it can generate an image from a text or output poetry on the given image!
  • Shattered the barrier of language: Gemini can text in over 100 languages. There are separate text and vision encoders for each language which enable it to translate, comprehend, and create content in diverse languages.
  • Performances: Available in three sizes (Ultra, Pro, Nano) to cope with different needs and resources. Capabilities also vary from model to model. Larger models generally offer better performance and accuracy. Bard is now powered by Gemini Pro. Comparatively, Pro provides significantly better performance across vivid tasks like code generation, translation, and question answering.
    Gemini Nano is running on Pixel 8 Pro and may function within certain limitations for specific tasks without an internet connection.
  • Accessibility:  Gemini is still in the alpha stage. Currently, it has limited access for researchers and developers working with Google AI.

Algorithmic Brilliance 

Gemini Ultra model is for complex tasks,( has not been launched yet) Pro for versatility, and Nano for efficient, on-device applications. Gemini model is Trained on Google’s state-of-the-art Cloud TPU v5e AI accelerator, optimized for cost-efficiency and performance. Supports leading frameworks like JAX, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.

Gemini is based on the transformer architecture, which is a deep learning model designed to process and generate natural language text. 

Gemini goes through a pre-training phase, where it is exposed to a large corpus of diverse text from the internet. This helps the model learn grammar, semantics, and common sense reasoning by predicting missing words in sentences. After pre-training, Gemini undergoes a fine-tuning process using more specific and carefully curated datasets. These datasets are generated with human reviewers following guidelines provided by OpenAI. Gemini continually learns from user interactions.

Boost Your Productivity with Gemini

Gemini can do magic to your exhausting and tiresome tasks like data entry, report generating, and also assist in coding. It will save you time for more strategic and creative thinking. 

Generating new ideas and solutions instantly with  Gemini AI can be a game-changer for your businesses. Why waste time creating chatbots and other AI-powered applications,  when Gemini can do all these for you and that can provide personalized customer service 24/7?

Gemini is a multilingual AI tool (released in 170 countries), that might enable your business to explore all over the world by translating languages and adapting to different cultural contexts. 

Is Gemini facing challenges? 

  • Biased or wrong data: AI tools keep learning from their users. Thus the biased viewpoint reflects the tool. Besides, if the training data is incomplete or only represents a specific worldview, it can also cause biased or wrong output. Gemini AI tool isn’t free from these problems either. Its wrong information or discriminative behaviors disappoint the users. But you should keep in mind that after all it is a tool, it will not take you to heaven. So you must recheck the outputs.
    Sometimes AI tools memorize training data patterns too closely without truly understanding the underlying concepts. This can lead to generating wrong information when inputs are inserted with different scenarios.
  • Puzzling output: It is caused by the black box effect. It might be a new term for you. Well, users observe the input and the output but the internal system remains unknown to the users. So sometimes it gets hard to comprehend how the tool reached the output. 
  • Misuses: This powerful AI tool can be used in spreading rumors, propaganda, or misguiding content.  

Gemini is The Future Language and Google is Holding the Torch

Efforts are underway to strengthen Gemini’s ability to generate more creative output. Techniques to identify and remove biases from training data and algorithms are being developed to ensure more reliable and trustworthy outputs. Researchers are working on making Gemini’s internal workings more transparent, allowing users to better understand how it arrives at its outputs.

Can AI Keep Secrets? Navigating the Privacy Labyrinth of Gemini

Stringent security protocols and controls are used to prevent unwanted access or misuse of data.

Google upholds global standards for data security by working to adhere to data privacy regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR. To minimize the chances of recognizing individual users, Google emphasizes strongly on anonymizing personal information used in Gemini’s training.


Gemini is a welcome to a never-ending horizon rather than an endpoint. The narrative changes with every interaction, engrossing us in the enthralling mystery of its developing intellect for all time. Excel your project’s potential with Gemini’s magic. Contact us today to discuss how we can integrate AI-powered solutions into your next endeavor.

Contributor: Tashdeed Tafseer, Content Writer

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