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Contributor: Sajidur Rahman, Junior Software Engineer, Nascenia

We are talking about some powerful Gems in Rails. So first of all what comes to our mind is that what are gems? There are some well known and common genre of problems that web developers face everyday. Take user authentication as an example. With technology, user wants to log in to all the systems with one account (with just a single sign up!). Say, I want to buy products from online but I do not want to create a new account on each of these e-commerce sites rather I want to sign into each one those with my gmail / facebook / twitter /… account. As these common problems recur, trying to solve them again and again will be a waste of our effort and this will take away the required attention from the application we want to develop. Basically Gems are ruby software packages which provide the solutions to these common problems. They are not necessarily related to Rails but Ruby. Most of these gems are available on github and developed by talented open-source developers. Here are some of them, which will probably blow away most of the headaches of Rails developers.


In web development, developers have to handle the authentication issues from the very beginning of their development process. Even with the prototype, it is bound to have some authentication system to identify and verify users. Device is a very flexible authentication gem for rails based on Warden. It is completely customizable and a complete MVC solution. It contains 10 amazing module for authentication namingly, Database Authenticatable, Omniauthable, Confirmable, Recoverable, Registerable, Rememberable, Trackable, Timeoutable, Validatable and Lockable.


Capistrano in a server management, deployment and automation tool written in Ruby. It is very easy to integrate and becomes very powerful tool with rails. It can also work with the version control systems like Git, Mercurial and SVN. Coding and deploying becomes so much effortless with Capistrano. Capistrano has two testing suites, RSpec and Cucumber. It is an MIT licensed open source project.


Developers or DevOp engineers who maintain software environments use cron jobs for scheduling jobs in a periodical order. Whenever is a Ruby gem for writing and deploying cron job with a very clear and human readable syntax. It can be integrated with capistrano with very little effort and can use the built-in Capistrano recipe for easy crontab updates with code deploys.


Carrierwave provides a super flexible way to upload files in Rails applications. It is very easy to integrate and use. It can work with any Rack based web applications. Multiple file uploads, validations, configuring URL, testing, upload to Amazon S3 and many more can be done so neatly with carrierwave.


In rails the complete bootstrap feature is in a gem which is twitter-bootstrap. Web design came within the hands of full stack developers with the tools like bootstrap. Twitter-bootstrap-rails project add Bootstrap CSS toolkit to Rails Asset Pipeline (Rails 4, 3.1, 3.2 are supported).

Active Admin

Active Admin is a Ruby on Rails framework for creating sophisticated backend for web administration. It gives the general business application tools to make it easy and flexible for developers to implement beautiful interfaces with very little effort.


Sunspot is made to be easily integrated with any ORM. It can even work with non-database-backed objects like file systems. It is written in Ruby with the strong interaction with Solr search engine. It provides simple, intuitive, expressive DSL backed by powerful features for indexing objects and searching for them.


CanCan is a gem for authorization in Ruby on Rails which preserved the access or different resources in the application. All permissions are defined in a single Ability class and not duplicated anywhere in the application. The current user’s permissions can then be checked using the can? and cannot? methods in the view and controller.

There are lots of other Gems that will pave the way of web development with Rails. In Rails, ‘gemfile’ is list of all the Gems that developers are using in the current project and this is used with ‘bundler’ (another gem) to install, update, remove or manage the gems. What I found most amazing about Gems that they are so much flexible and customizable with their own magic of solving problems.

#Fun_Fact: Rails itself is a Ruby Gem, check gemfile for your Rails version.

Happy coding!

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