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Contributor: Mushtahir Aziz Rahman, Senior Executive, Nascenia

Nascenia has been developing software for 5 years now. We have completed 50+ project for clients of 12 different countries. The blog post gives you an idea of how to manage remote software development team. Here are some tips.

Clarify requirement

Remote Software Development Team | NasceniaTo develop a robust software, it is important that you have a solid foundation. It is important that you clearly articulate your software requirement before contracting for development. If you make frequent requirement changes during development, it increases the chance of bugs and mismanagement. It is very tempting for an innovator to see his idea coming to life. But to do that, someone should not jump into development without proper planning. Research and take time. Talk with the team. Different developers specialize in a different area. Then discuss which technologies you want to develop with – Rails, PHP, Django etc.

Changing requirement is easy in a Spreadsheet/Trello. But it is not so easy in code. Codes are related. They are part of a system. When you make changes, it affects multiple areas and creates more bugs. That’s why the requirement for each version should be fixed.

Document as much as possible

Each requirement and decision during the meetings need to be documented. Documentation helps to keep track of
development. It also helps everyone to stay in the loop. Development involves a lot of people. After 3 to 6 months of development and a few employee turnovers, everyone does not remember the details. Written contracts keep you on the safe side. If you feel the remote developers are violating a section of the contract, you can pinpoint quickly.

Pay a visit once in a while

Recently one of our clients visited us from Norway. This is his first time in Bangladesh. The project just started. He was here for about a week. Every morning he came to office and spent the whole day with the developers. Then he left with a positive feedback. All of us felt much better being acquainted face to face. Such experience can give you the greatest comfort.

Spending time with the developers improve chemistry within the team. Face to face discussion always helps. Your instinct kicks in. You can have a good idea of the team’s development, project management, and communication style.

Pre-define communication and project management channels

Communication and project management are two very important aspects of a project. In remote development, verbal communication generally happens through Skype. There are a few robust project management tools available. I personally prefer Trello and Pivotal Tracker. Some customers ask for JIRA. Make sure to pick a project management tool that both you and developers are comfortable with.

I hope the article helps. If you are interested in project development, please contact at

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