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Horsecount is a management system and a market & meeting place for horse-keepers. It is a one-stop resource for horse owners. Horsecount is also an online community of people who share a passion for horses, and can share stories, photos, pedigrees & more.

Project Details

Client: Horsecount, Netherlands

Technology: Titanium

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This is a mobile application built on both Android and iOS. You will be able to get the perfect deal with the free DayTripFinder offers app. With more than 10000 UK visitor attractions, you will be able to get offers for many places. It will be more fun with more offers at your hand! You will also be able to find basic information of the attraction as well. Based on your location, it will show you nearby attraction deals. You can browse deals of attractions by county and regions.

Project Details

Client: Dot Tourism, UK

Technology: Titanium

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