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Nowadays most of the users prefer native mobile apps to mobile websites. Safari has a Smart App Banner feature in iOS 6.0+ that provides a standardized method of promoting apps in the Apple® iTunes® App Store from a website. Smart App Banners only appear in Safari on iOS, but not Safari on Mac OS X.

A Smart App Banner typically appears at the top of a web page in Safari to inform and encourage users to open the native app or install it if they don’t have it. Smart App Banners automatically determine whether the app is supported on the user’s device. If the device loading the banner does not support your app, or if your app is not available in the user’s location, the banner will not display.

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In this article, we will provide you solutions and help on how to set up your smart banner to your website in order to boost your Apps install!

Implementing a Smart App Banner on Your Website

It’s incredibly easy to implement a Smart App Banner onto your site. Simply add the following meta tag to the head of each page where you’d like the banner to appear:

You can include three comma-separated parameters in the content attribute:

app-id: (Required.) Your app’s unique identifier. To find your app ID from the iTunes Link Maker, type the name of your app in the Search field, and select the appropriate country and media type. In the results, find your app and select iPhone App Link in the column on the right. Your app ID is the nine-digit number in between id and ?mt.

affiliate-data: (Optional.) This is your iTunes affiliate string if you are an iTunes affiliate.

app-argument: (Optional.) An URL that provides context to your native app. If you include this, and the user has your app installed, she can jump from your website to the corresponding position in your iOS app. Typically, it is beneficial to retain navigational context because:

If the user is deep within the navigational hierarchy of your website, you can pass the document’s entire URL, and then parse it in your app to reroute her to the correct location in your app.

And that’s all, this will take a couple of moments to implement smart app banner into your site, it will drastically improve the experience of moving from mobile web to apps.

Contributor: Shafiqul Kader , Nascenia

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