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Mobile apps have become the buzzword for users around the world. An eye-catching and feature-loaded app will give an experience that is worth the choice and time of the visitors. The important things to consider during the development of a mobile application are UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). Before you go deeper into the sphere, it is also important to understand the behavior of the target market that you want to attract with your application. No matter how much money you spend on design, what finally comes to your rescue is a wonderful app interface that increases your mobile app’s credibility. Basically, ‘bad’ user interface is the most likely reason of ‘bad’ user experience.

So you must check these characteristics to see if your mobile app is user-friendly or not.

Large Clear Fonts
An appropriate font is really important to make an app user-friendly. The purpose of the app is ruined and the goal for which users are originally present is defeated. Use readable and pleasant fonts for your eyes. Font size is also something that should be noted. Use a font that is large and well balanced with the other elements in the screen. Fonts below 12pt are a big no.

Large Clear Fonts | User Friendly App

Keep It Simple
All right, this does not mean to be minimalist in style or design. Keeping things simple means that the first user can start using the app immediately without having to go to the detailed instructions or tutorials. Yes, a simple user interface is the type which allows the user to use a few steps to perform several actions. For example, the use of efficient colors makes the interface simple and easy for users to understand at first glance.

All About Users
You must know your users. You should know what they need and what the challenges they face in achieving their objectives are. It requires a lot of empathy for the users, so you have to go beyond the basic statistics. You must know the people who are using your app. You can talk to them face to face or watch them using your product or ask them about their design opinions, etc. If you meet the needs, you will take care of their wants and automatically fulfill all their basic requirements. Such insights will help you make the right decisions regarding the use of the interface between users.

All about users | User Friendly App

Back Button
Ultimate savior for users is the button back. It must consistently navigate the app user. The Native OS back button will do the necessary if you are an Android app designer. However, if you make an iOS application, you should put the back button in the top left corner, as users expect it to be found in this case.

Back Button | User Friendly App

Round Corners
Each user interface, such as a button or imageview, usually displays a rectangle of pixels on the screen, but it is not a hard and fast rule. You don’t always have to stick with the sharp-cornered controls. It is best to soften the look of the interface by including round cornered controls that are comfortable with users, much like web style.

Fully Responsive
Note that the UI should be designed so that the app can be fully used on multiple devices and mobile operating systems. Whether the media queries, JavaScript or CSS are adjusted, all problems associated with the display of the app on multiple mobile devices must be dealt with responsibly.

Fully Responsive | User Friendly App

Fit The Format
We’ve all found apps hanging while loading a big graphics file. Not because of the incorrect size, but because of the inappropriate format. The Android platform supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and WebP media formats. PNG is suitable for lossless images, while the quality of JPEG is suitable for tweaking.

Contrast For View
This is the reaction when you find very hard to read and navigate applications. In order to avoid this scenario, decide on highly contrasting color schemes that clarify design and content. It is always better to use color schemes in the system resources and then start experimenting with color when you gain confidence.

Contrast to clarify design and contents | User Friendly App

Right-Size Graphics
When it comes to graphics, developers usually follow the ‘one size fits most’ rule, which is actually a wrong approach. This makes resource management easier, but it can harm your app’s visual appeal. Include graphics tailored to the screens of your devices to make your app look fantastic. The best graphics are ideally loaded at run-time and represent a pleasant user experience.

An app’s attractive user quotient depends on the target market. You can create a product that’s easy to understand and high on the usability ladder by following the set guidelines for user interface design. As the app development world continues to leap, you need to learn how to create an excellent user interface that makes your mobile app amazing and how to find app developer with a minimum afford.

Contributor: Tanzina Ireen, Nascenia

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