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Contributor: Nacher Ahammed, Nascenia

Nowadays companies generally perform some tasks by themselves and outsource others. It’s not a wise decision to waste time and valuable resources for building an in-house team for software development when you can outsource professionals who usually do the same task for less cost. There are many benefits of outsourcing your software development to destinations around the world. Some of them are:

Reduce Cost

By outsourcing the work to software developers in South Asia, you can minimize your client’s cost because here labor wage is 50% less than if the same labor performed in Western Europe or North America. Moreover, programs like Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance don’t exist in South Asia. Outsourcing software developers also reduce overhead cost such as office rent, utility bills, infrastructure and rent because these are cheaper in here.

Leverage a large pool of experienced talent

Outsourcing software development, you can leverage highly skilled and experienced people from any part of the world who may help you from concept to design to all the way to deployment of software. As a result, your tasks can be completed faster and with a better quality output.

Focus on core business

Sending supporting function of software like coding in South Asia, you can devote more energies and time to focus on core functions of software such as selling, customer specification, customer requirements, maintenance and other higher value-added services. If you delegate the time consuming non-core functions to outsourcing partners, you will be able to focus more on core areas and allow you to be more effective and efficient in your delivery of software to clients.

Scale up or down the size of the outsourcing team quickly

You can easily expand or downsize your outsourcing partners due to rising or slowing demand of clients through outsourcing. However, it’s not always possible with today’s labor laws as employee lawsuits are becoming tough.

Free up internal resources

You need as many skilled people as possible for developing the core areas of software. Outsourcing supporting functions overseas, you can free up time, skilled people and other valuable internal resources to speed up the software development process.

Manage resources that are not available internally

By outsourcing, you can manage the resources that are not available in your in-house team but required to execute the software development. This will help you in delivering the best quality software to the clients. For example, you may have not experts in Ruby on Rails (ROR), you can simply transfer this function to an outsource partner like Nascenia who has the oldest and largest Ruby on Rails team in Southeast Asia.

I hope my answer is helpful. If you need further information, you can check out more articles on the web and mobile app development.

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