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Plenty of web development frameworks and programming languages that enable you to accomplish any type of development project are available nowadays. In this article, we will try to focus on the Technical benefits and Key features of the .NET framework.

Why .NET

The .NET framework is a great choice when it comes to delivering multiple web-based applications as per the latest market trends. It makes complex application looks easier and enables development of both web-based and desktop based application in a much better and faster way. With the help of its versatile and dynamic library, it ensures top-level security and rapid development at the same time.

Key Features of .NET Framework

.Net Framework Features

Technical Benefits of .NET Framework

  • It significantly decreases the quantity of code necessary in large web applications which are developed in .NET framework.
  • Web applications developed in ASP.NET are secure as Windows confirmation and configuration can be attained for every application.
  • This development provides WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).
  • It provides server controls and blueprints with the capability of drag and drops and involuntary operation.
  • HTML code and source code are separated so changes can be done easily in the ASP.NET framework.
  • ASP.NET platform is language independent.

With those positive insights, someone may easily opt to the .NET framework as a user. To get the best out of these features of .NET, a team with the expert resource is very essential. If you don’t have one, there comes the question of outsourcing. Our next story will be continued with the feasibility of outsourcing of the .NET framework.

Contributor: Md. Faisal Kabir, Nascenia

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