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Nascenia got awarded for the President’s Award for Industrial Development. The award-giving ceremony was held on 29 June 2019 by the Ministry of Industries Bangladesh. Mr. Shaer Hassan, the CEO of Nascenia Ltd., received the award and the certificate from the honorable President of Bangladesh, Mr. Abdul Hamid at a ceremony held at the grand ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental.

Nascenia got president's award

President Abdul Hamid distributed awards for their contribution to the economy and industry to 14 companies in six categories: Large, medium, small, micro, hi-tech and cottage. Nascenia was nominated in the high tech category and was recognized for its contribution along with some very renowned companies of Bangladesh, like Square Pharmaceuticals, Olympia Industries Limited and Envoy Textiles.  

Shaer Hassan, the CEO of Nascenia, was invited to the program to receive the award from the honorable President. The awards are given on the basis of guidelines set out by the Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh for contribution to the industry. The goal is to encourage entrepreneurs to establish industries, infuse innovation and creativity, and boost firms’ overall contribution to the industrial sector. 

We are so proud to be alongside some of the top companies in Bangladesh like Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, Olympia Industries Limited, Envoy Textiles Limited, and 10 other companies. We believe this award will bring a great motivation for the team! 

group photo - president's award | Nascenia

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