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It is always a delight to meet fresh young people full of energy and ambition. On 14th December 2015, 37 undergraduate students from KUET visited Nascenia as a part of their study tour program. It was a wonderful day for the company. The students were very energetic and curious. They arrived at about 10 am in the morning with their respected teachers. The tour was led by Dr. Pintu Chandra Shill and Mr. Al-Mahmud, who work as instructors in the Computer Science and Engineering department of KUET.

Nascenia was delighted to host the tour. It has a long-standing relationship with KUET. Two of its co-founders, Fuad and Faruk graduated from KUET. Nascenia strongly believes that it should contribute to the ecosystem it is working in. The company offers scholarship and donations to meritorious students in KUET. At the same time, Nascenia looks out for new talents who can bolster the growth of the company. KUET also wanted their students to have an idea of how real life companies work. They planned the tour so that students can see beyond their bookish knowledge and have a taste of real work.

Presentations given by management team

Presenting an overview of the company to KUET’s students by Nascenia management team

The half-day program started with the presentation by the company’s CEO Shaer Hassan. He along with top management team introduced the company to the students. The presentation told them the story of how Nascenia grew from a 3 people company to 50 people team. It also covered Nascenia’s specializations, events, employees, clients, work process, technical background and overall culture.

Later students participated in Quiz on software development knowledge. They were divided in Group A and Group B. Group B won the contest and got a box of delicious chocolates.

Participants and the winners of the Quiz Session

The participants of the Nascenia Quiz Session and the winners

The presentation was followed by a company tour. Students talked with the business people and got to know how they reach and persuade clients. They met with the developers who are currently working for clients from many different countries. Nascenia is currently working on 10+ projects. Students understood how they design, code and manage projects.


Students met with the developers of Nascenia

The journey ended with delicious chicken biriyani and a mug for each as a souvenir. The entire company enjoyed the presence of the students and will be delighted to host such events in the future. Enjoy some more of the pictures of KUET’s study tour from our Facebook photo album.

KUET's students visit Nascenia for their study tour

The students of KUET visit in Nascenia for their study tour

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