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Nascenia participated MWC, the world’s biggest mobile event, for the first time on February this year. It was exciting and thrilling as there were touches of innovation at every corner. We came across different ideas and dreams. Some ideas go far beyond our imagination and attracted us. We visited many of the stalls.

Team Nascenia at their stall

Team Nascenia at MWC, Barcelona

The first thing that drew our attention was Oral-B’s Genius toothbrush. It is an iPhone/Android device connected toothbrush which helps users properly brush their teeth. With the help of sensor and mobile app, the brush can monitor and notify the user whether he/she is brushing the minimum time recommended by the dentist, whether the brushing has covered all the areas and whether the user is applying the proper pressure on the gum. These features certainly will help improve oral care.

Participation in World’s Largest Mobile Show | MWC 2016 | Nascenia

The smart toothbrush of Oral-B

I often forget drinking water from time to time. I think this is not only me; many of us face the same problem. We found an interesting solution to this problem. A Chinese startup brought a smart water bottle in MWC. This bottle can track user’s water consumption and give remainder time to time throughout the day to drink water when a user goes long without a drink. The bottle also shows water temperature and hydration progress.

Participation in World’s Largest Mobile Show | MWC 2016 | Nascenia

Smart water bottle

The tech giant Samsung brought some solutions for automotive industries with the help of mobile. They focused on IoT technology. One of the aims of these solutions is to ensure safety.  In case of an accident or emergency, the system will notify the driver’s contacts and rescue services will be provided. It is also possible to locate a car in real-time with the system.

The system uses a specialized network which allows onboard diagnosis of different parts. On the basis of diagnosis, it recommends maintenance and repair services. This enhances the performance and reduces repair costs of vehicles.

The smart home concept was presented by Qualcomm. They showed how almost everything in a house can be linked together or controlled with Smartphone apps. They present the concept of the future door which will talk to the smoke alarms, lights which will flash if the fridge door is left open, teddy which will put the child to bed.

We also visited 4YFN. There was a buzz about it in the event. The ideas and innovations which are going to be the next big things were displayed here.

It was an amazing experience to attend MWC. I am eagerly waiting to visit MWC next year to see what game-changing technologies are going to be unfolded.

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