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Agile software development methodology is very popular in the it industry. It allows flexibility and changes in requirements in development stages. This method focuses on continuous improvement.

Agile software development process | Agile Methodology

Agile software development process

However, to make agile application development successful some areas are required to be focused.

Appropriate knowledge

Proper knowledge is very important for the success of the agile methodologies. It helps deliver the right thing at the right time and deal with changes in requirements. On the other hand, lack of proper knowledge of the methodologies results in failure to expected value delivery, delay of the project and cost more than estimation. Hence, all involved in agile product development should be trained well.

Authorization of the team

Proper authorization regarding decision making of the team is important otherwise it will slow down the solution development process.


Teamwork is the prerequisite for the success of the agile product development. Here, everyone has to understand his responsibilities and act accordingly. In the solution development team, members should cooperate with each other. The project manager should cooperate with both the team member and the product owner. The Product Owner needs to cooperate with the project manager. Success will come only when proper cooperation will take place.

Communicative product owner

A good product development depends much on a good product owner. Good product owner works not only as a client but also as an active member of the development.


Transparency is required in every step of agile development. Concern authority should know what is happening in the work. Both good and bad news should be shared. Any problem aroused should be dealt with in collaboration.

Focus on desired business outcome

The product owner should have a clear idea about the desired business outcome and ensure it. Continuous attention to quality ensures the effectiveness of agile methodologies.


Experience is very crucial for the success. Inexperienced owner and project manager can result in project failure. But it can be overcome by approaching in the right way.

Team stability

For the success of the project, it is very necessary to build a stable team. Stability ensures proper understanding. Turnover of the team members creates a problem regarding understanding and acceptance of the new member. However, the team can hire specialists at any stage but core members are required to be stable on the team. 

Agile methodologies help deliver IT products on time and cost-effectively. Above mentioned areas are important to be followed to make a successful product.

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Contributor: Nahian-Al-Hossain, Nascenia

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