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Contributor: Mushtahir Aziz Rahman

When you are thinking about outsourcing software development, you have two major options that can quickly take care of your need – choosing a marketplace of outsourcing developers and choosing an outsourcing software development company. 

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There are many platforms where clients can find an outsourcing partner. For example, Upwork is one of the biggest marketplaces for outsourcing software development. You can also find people through,, and For nuggets of development, you can choose or simply buy codes from Codecanyon. But before you choose a marketplace for outsourcing over a company, you should think it through

Here are some key characteristics that are common among clients

  • Clients generally have a vision/general idea to  create a great web/mobile application
  • They need help to bring their application come to life. They want their software developer to design, develop, test and deploy the software
  • They often request to maintain software and fix bugs and issues if any comes up after launch.
  • They want to stick with the original developer for further improvement of the application.

Software development generally requires a team of multiple expertise. Front-end developers prefer not to work on server side development. Designers work on only designs, not development. There is also separate expertise needed for testing (QA). You can find teams in Upwork. But you will have difficulty in verifying if they have the expertise in the required area of your application.

To build quality software, it is better to go with a registered company who is already making a brand name for developing outsourced software. For example, my team Nascenia is one of the biggest Ruby on Rails teams in South Asia. It specializes in iOS and Android app development as well. It has been developing web and mobile app for the last 5 years. So far we have completed 50+ projects for clients from 12 different countries including USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Africa and India. We also provide post-deployment service.

Most importantly, we reduce app development cost by 50% when compared with that of developed countries.

If a client is looking for quality talent pool who can design, develop, test, deploy and then maintain his service, he should hire registered outsourcing software development companies with a good portfolio, work method, and customer feedback. They are more reliable. A client should ask for the previous reference and direct contact with those product owners for further verification. When it comes to software development, reliability is an issue that the client should give high priority to.

I hope that helps. I have written more answers on outsourcing and application development. Check them out.

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