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ASP.Net applications are renowned for their outstanding performance and scalability and are also popular for being versatile and having cross-platform functionalities. Dot NET is a free, open-source development framework developed by Microsoft. It supports multiple programming languages, including C# (C Sharp), VB.NET, and F#. It can be used to create applications for almost any device, including but not limited to desktop and mobile devices.
There’s no wonder that giant tech companies are utilizing the .NET Framework to develop enterprise-level software. If you want to get into the .NET development for your project, you can easily get into it by outsourcing .NET development services.

Why you should outsource .NET development services

There are many reasons why you should outsource .NET development services. Some of them are:

Building an in-house team is more challenging.

Building and nurturing an in-house .net developer team is not a simple task. It can take a lot of time and effort to create a working environment suitable for the projects you will be undertaking. Instead, it can be easier to outsource the projects and make it more convenient for yourself.

Budget constraints

Hiring a permanent team will require a large budget, which may be too much for many companies, especially new ones. A budget-friendly outsourced team can help you build the software with a cheap budget depending on the application’s features. A cost-effective offshore .NET solution will help to reduce the investment in the long run.

Tight deadlines

Sometimes, with tight deadlines, your team can struggle to finish the project within the timeframe. In that scenario, you can hire a .NET software company to speed up your development process.

Benefits of Outsourcing .NET development project

Time and cost savings

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing .NET development projects is saving time and money. You do not have to spend time and resources on scouting and hiring the best candidates for your application. I’m not mentioning that the money that would be their salary will be saved, but cutting significant costs in the long run. Hiring an offshore ASP.NET development agency will be more savvy than hiring in-house employees.

Access to a global talent pool

Once you decide to outsource your .NET development project, you are not restricted to the resources within your developers. Hiring an offshore .NET software company will give you more options with various specialties that will fulfill your specific needs.

Faster operations

Outsourcing a team can help you get to work on your projects directly. You will not have to manage teams for yourself, as the agencies will handle that. So you will be able to get on with your operations on a project-by-project basis, expediting your operations.


Since you can outsource the .net developers team based on projects, you can ensure the experienced team works on your project. This will allow you to work on different technology stacks, giving you a versatile workflow. You will also have the option to choose various approaches that can give you optimal results.

Reusable code

The same code for one platform can be used for every other version of an application. As a result, your workload decreases significantly as you will need to convert your code into different formats. You can launch your application to a wider audience with the ability to simultaneously release your applications on different platforms.


Depending on your results, you will have the option to scale your applications up or down. Due to the nature of .NET applications, developers will be able to do that by simply modifying one piece of code.

Ease of maintenance

Following one programming language for all your applications means you can make necessary updates and changes easily, and codes are simple for the developers to work with. It can also help with troubleshooting issues that can show up during or after production.

Active user community

.NET boasts a strong and supportive community of users with a wide range of expertise under their care. This allows developers to easily sort out problems by seeking help from the many community members.

Ease of collaboration

Various project management tools are available that can help with collaboration between you and your outsourced company, which can help establish seamless communication and resolve issues together.

.Net Development Outsourcing

Key Considerations for Outsourcing .NET Developers

Before you hire a .NET developer for your application or web development project, you have to consider the following factors:

  • The developers are trained, qualified, and experienced in developing quality solutions by using the .NET framework to accomplish a solution in less time and within budget.

  • The portfolio of the chosen team is strong, or they have worked with similar companies or projects to yours.

  • The requirement of hiring dedicated resources for your web development project is possible with an offshore development company at an affordable price.

  • No extra cost is incurred for the dedicated .NET developers.

  • Cost-effectiveness is maintained throughout the project without compromising quality.

  • Creates a direct communication channel with developers or the development team via e-mail, chat, video conference, etc., for keeping track of the development at any time and every time.

  • Experienced .NET developers are working on the project so that the chance of delay is minimized.

  • Choose a team rather than freelancers. A team will give you sustainability and will accommodate scaling up or down your projects.

  • Provides regular working status to the clients to reduce the chances of rework.

  • Go for a well-recognized firm with a solid track record.

Considering the above, you may find suitable outsourcing developers. I hope this article will give you a brief idea about choosing an outsourcing software development team to help you with the .NET framework. In another article, we’ve compared the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

.NET outsourcing services provided by Nascenia

.NET development consultation

If you are unsure about how you would proceed with a .NET application development project, Nascenia offers consultation services that can help you make the best decisions. Our team of experts will provide you with the best advice and provide the optimal solutions, project timelines, and risk mitigation strategies that suit your requirements.

.NET application development 

Nascenia handles all kinds of .NET development projects, big or small. Whether you need large development cycles undertaken over a timely routine or partial work for some of your projects, Nascenia has got you covered. They create all sorts of desktop and web applications that will be suitable for your users. They will also create user-friendly interfaces that will be intuitive and easy to use.

.NET software integration

Nascenia will handle any issues that come up when integrating different software with different data types and flows. They will maintain platform compatibility between multiple applications.

.NET cloud-based applications and API integration 

Nascenia is experienced with cloud environments and utilizes hosting infrastructures that include Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and Linode. As for API integration, they provide options with Amazon AWS, Twilio, UPS, Picasa, and Zencoder. com, along with most of the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

.NET support and maintenance

Nacenia will provide support and maintenance for every project built with the. NET infrastructure. Their team of experts will be available to ensure every project undertaken is running as expected by clients, updating them over long periods, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Challenges of Outsourcing .NET Development

Communication barrier

Outsourcing gives you access to a wide range of options and teams to choose from around the world. While that sounds perfect, it comes with some flaws. One of the drawbacks of hiring a foreign firm or freelancer is that you may have different native languages. As a result, an inherent communication barrier will always be present. This will also require both your team and the hired team to have quality communication skills for negotiations to go smoothly. You will also need to conduct a cultural fit assessment and avoid miscommunication issues.

Quality control

Since a team from outside will be handling a significant portion of the development process, you will naturally lose 24/7 access to your team to check on progress. You would have periodic meetings to ensure everything is going smoothly, but it removes the direct control you have, making quality control more difficult.

Cultural differences

Collaborating with a foreign country can also create issues due to cultural differences. Words, gestures, and interactions can mean different things in different cultures, which can create misunderstandings and hamper the workflow. Along with the knowledge of the common language you will be speaking, you will also need to be aware of subtle differences in general behaviour to ensure a smooth working process.

Time zone differences

Depending on the difference in time zone, one of the parties will need to conduct one-on-one meetings during unusual and uncomfortable hours. Make sure to collaborate with parties who are more convenient for your time zone or have a mutual understanding of when and how business will be done.

Uncertain scope of work

This is a consequence of not having clearly defined goals and needs for your projects, which can increase or decrease the scope of work, causing budget problems and other issues among you and your hired outsourcing partners. Avoid confusion such as this by setting up clear specifications and agreements regarding the nature of work.

Risk of information security

Because you are working with an outside firm, you will need to share confidential information with them. This can create concerns regarding the security of your shared information, with the possibility of it getting leaked. To prevent such cases, have your outsourcing firm sign an NDA as a safety measure.

How do I outsource NET software development company? Step-by-Step Process

  • Ascertain your goals.

One of the first things you need to determine is what your goals are and how you will utilize .NET development to achieve them. Whether it be having large projects done or filling in the gaps with outsourcing, make sure you understand first why you need outsourcing services.

Specify needs according to your objectives so you can provide precise instructions to your chosen external developers.

Once your goals are set, you will be able to identify what your specific needs are and whether you need them for a specific project or a model. Make contracts that can ensure you are getting what you are paying for.

  • Define the budget and deadline.

Now that you have your goals and specifications ready, take a look at your available budget and timeline. Carefully analyze them to set up a realistic timeline of activities. Check what your budget allows, and hire the best company you can.

  • Research and shortlist service providers

There are some key considerations when it comes to selecting a remote .NET  software developer-providing agency. Check for companies that match those criteria and create a shortlist of possible teams you can consider hiring. Domain specialties, active industries, the software engineering team, and the client portfolio will be the more important determining factors for your optimal agency.

  • Reach out and select the best company.

Once you have a shortlist, reach out to these companies and try to understand their work ethic and budget. Once you have a better understanding and quotations from them, decide which team you will be hiring.

  • Create contracts

Finally, this is the time to negotiate and create a contract with the developer’s company. Sort out all the crucial details, like deliverables, payment terms, timelines, reporting intervals, and other legal agreements by both parties.

Research industry standards, practices, and rates. Once everything is set in stone, all that is left is to let the project work begin.

  • Monitor progress and provide feedback.

To ensure that the final product will help you achieve your goals, monitor the progress made and whether their work aligns with your expectations. Provide feedback at regular intervals to ensure the smooth execution of your project.


We hope you are now more knowledgeable about the nuance of outsourcing .NET development services, which will help you make an informed decision for your firm. If you have further queries or require consultation, please feel free to contact us. Our team of expert and experienced .NET developers can guide you to achieve the best results for your projects.

Contributor: Md. Faisal Kabir, Nascenia

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