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The human brain is fascinating in many aspects. One of them is the ability to complete words in our head just by focusing on the first two or three letters and anchoring points within the sea of text.

Keeping that as a prime mechanism, a new textual content format has been introduced. It is known as “Bionic Reading.”

Here’s a demonstration. Try to read the same two blocks of texts in the following image.

Biobic Reading | Blog | Nascenia

The one on the right is easier and faster to read, isn’t it? Why is that happening? Well, it is because your brain reads faster than your eyes. When the readable texts are augmented with artificial fixation points, filling in the details after that becomes even more convenient.

That particular phenomenon is behind the success of this bionic reading style. It is claimed to be at least 20-30% faster than conventional reading formats. This can make miraculous improvements to the lives of those who struggle with dyslexia or any kind of hardship regarding reading.

Intrigued? Well, you can read this entire article, and any other article available on the internet in this bionic format. There is a browser extension that enables you to turn any English text written on a web page into a bionic format.

How to install the browser extension

Here’s the link to a bionic reading browser extension.

This version works for google chrome, edge, and brave browser.

To install this :

  1. Unzip/Extract the RAR file using any archiver software like WinRAR or 7zip
  2. Go to your browser > manage extensions
  3. Turn ‘developer mode’ on. There is a switch on the corner.
  4. After turning developer mode on, some additional buttons should appear. Click on “Load unpacked” from here.
  5. Navigate to and select the folder you unzipped earlier.
  6. “Bionic Reading” should appear on the extensions list. Pin it so it can be always accessible.
  7. Whenever you need to speed read an article on the internet, click on the bionic reader extension, then click “Activate”.

Here’s a video of the step-by-step procedure to install the bionic reader extension.

Alternatively, there is another browser extension of the bionic reader on the chrome web store.

This one is slower to load than the previous one mentioned, but it is easier to install. Just click ‘add to browser’ on the page and it will be added.

API for developers 

There is an API available to integrate bionic reading to existing apps or services. One can acquire the bionic reading API from the provided link. It might be especially useful if the intended application requires the user to read large volumes of texts.

May your reading experiences get enhanced with the help of this tool. Keep in touch with our blog to find out more about tech trends and helpful articles.

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