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The COVID-19 pandemic has passed, but it has left a significant impact on how businesses operate. Even in a post-pandemic world, the demand for IT outsourcing is surging, driven by the increasing complexity of technology and the need for efficient solutions. Many companies now understand that outsourcing IT services, such as software development and technical support, can be more advantageous than managing them in-house. This shift towards external IT service providers is gaining momentum for several reasons.

Benefits of outsourcing IT services

Outsourcing IT services cuts costs by removing the need for in-house teams and offering specialized expertise without full-time overhead. It also provides flexibility, enabling companies to scale IT resources as needed, and speeds up projects through dedicated external teams, leading to faster time-to-market.

Access to a diversified skillset

Outsourcing IT and SAAS means you have access to a greater pool of experts on a regular basis. For example, as Nascenia considers providing technological service as their core business, they keep their engineers well trained and equipped with the most current advancements. Access to our highly skilled experts is usually only a mail or phone call away.

Access diversified skillset
Going into your side, you have to face the scenario that it is nearly impossible to keep up your business while technology is changing on a daily basis. No matter what industry you are in, your business must ensure that you implement technological advances in order to survive.


If you don’t have some skills inside your company, a software outsourcing company could provide you with the skills that you lack. For example, maybe you want some software to be coded in a particular technology but you don’t have developers or your developers don’t know it. A software outsourcing company like Nascenia could provide you with these skills.

Nascenia is open to IT Outsourcing

Luxury to stay focused on your priorities

I have a friend who is Head of Operations in a prominent ride-sharing company in Bangladesh. That company boasts of being self-reliant because they have a dedicated team in every department including marketing, sales, R/D, and of course IT. But requirements are frequently changing. To keep pace with that, they sometimes need to hire IT experts from outside to fix up concurrent issues despite having a full-fledged IT team. My friend was lamenting the other day that if he could focus more and invest more money on partnering with drivers and on planning, research and marketing, and most importantly on hiring IT experts from outside on the basis of concurrent need instead of managing an in-house IT team.

Software Outsourcing Opportunities at Nascenia
That is why, when you outsource, you are actually saving time and employing your talent and resources to focus on core business. When you have your own tech people, you’ll have to find and spend time recruiting and training them. On the other hand, when you have a reliable tech company like Nascenia as your software outsourcing partner, there is hardly any need to troubleshoot the tech issues by yourselves.

Cost minimization

Let us consider that you have a dedicated IT team in your company. Now let’s see what are the costs you are incurring: Hiring and training people, Infrastructure maintenance and upgradation, Space rent, etc to name a few. There might be some risk of facing unwanted situations too like a server going down or your system being hacked and the time and money to restore your data and devices. Take my words. This could potentially bankrupt your business. On the other hand, lots of tech companies like Nascenia offer either a flat fee or a monthly payment plan. This will allow you the luxury to know what you’ll be spending exactly.

Software Outsourcing

Increase security and reduce stress

This is most unlikely your in-house tech team will be able to protect your data like a professional service unless your company itself is a tech company. We are living in an age when security breaches are commonplace and hackers are becoming more sophisticated than ever before. That is why it is good to have an outsourcing company since your company needs a continuous flow of intranet and the internet.

Cybersecurity threats can exert a high level of stress among your employees. Computer crashes, viruses, and lost data not only produce excessive worry but lost productivity when it actually occurs. When employees know that IT experts can be called on around the clock and that your systems are as secure as possible, there tends to be less anxiety and a more enjoyable work environment.

Disaster recovery

When you have a team of IT experts from your outsourcing partner like Nascenia, you can rest the responsibility or recovery of data as soon as possible in case of a cyber-attack or natural disasters.
This is a piece of advice from our pool of experts that no company should overlook the importance of the people and the processes involved during disaster recovery. It is obligatory to know exactly who will do what during a crisis. During any type of disaster, an experienced IT team, if outsourced, can help you stay organized and get back on track as quickly as possible.

Software Outsourcing in Bangladesh | Nascenia

Some insights and suggestions

From our experiences, we want to let you know that there are some challenges working with outsourcing IT companies. Therefore we have some recommendations and best practices to make your operation productive and successful:

  • When you are looking for a software outsourcing company, always do online research and get references from a trusted source. After serving 21 countries across the globe and successful completion of over 120 projects, Nascenia boasts of being a trusted destination for outsourcing. But, then again. Why trust us? Please have a look at our website and see for yourselves to whom we have rendered service so far.
  • Strike a reasonable balance between price and quality while choosing your outsourcing partner. If you choose the cheapest IT company, you are running a risk to lose more money if the vendor is inefficient.
  • Make sure you have set clear goals and they are documented in your contract.
  • Ask your outsourcing partner to use effective and reliable project management tools (For example, Nascenia uses Jira, Trello, etc) and make sure your related employees have access to that.
  • Make a plan to collaborate with your outsource partner to make sure there are no delays during the project.
  • Make sure that your outsourcing partner is arranging frequent and periodic meetings to keep you involved in the process.
  • Make sure your project is well documented from the very beginning which might include manuals and user guides, code comments, API documentation, etc. This is very important because it will help your internal team easily understand and work on the project after the termination of the contract.
  • Strike a reasonable balance between price and quality while choosing your outsourcing partner. If you choose the cheapest IT company, you are running a risk to lose more money if the vendor is inefficient.

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