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2020 is almost here and we have passed a whole decade of technological advancement. It’s impossible in the tech industry to predict what 10 years from now will look like. But as the 2010s come to an end, it’s a good time to think about a decade of new apps, devices, innovations, and tech-driven societal shifts that have radically changed how we live our daily lives, for better or worse. 

We have passed an eventful and busy year developing web and mobile applications for companies all over the world. Besides making our clients happy, we got some recognition from our government, and it was sweet!

We believe you have enjoyed the holiday season with your near and dear ones. The year 2019 is lost in the layers of time leaving only some effects, achievements and essences. This is the eve of welcoming the new year full of hope and resolutions. At this happy eve, we could not resist but share some of the highlights of Nascenia in 2019. It was a year full of work, fun, and activities.

Technology and Projects

Technology-wise, apart from working with Ruby on Rails, PHP, .net technologies, iOS and Android, we delivered real-life projects to our clients with Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Our technical and business team wrote some wonderful pieces of articles in our blog which you might be interested to read.

We made some case studies based on our experience of working with our clients. You will get some good insights from there.

We worked for some of the big organizations this year. One of them is a renowned public university of Bangladesh. We revamped their websites and solved an issue for tracking the progress of Ph.D. candidates. 

Bangladesh University of Professionals BUP | Nascenia

We worked with UNDP for one of their core projects where improving resilient infrastructure, and strengthening community was a core focus.  You will be able to know more from here

We continued to support our previous year’s development of MyRobi and MyAirtel app which we developed for the second largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh. More than 2 million people are using this product. 

We actively worked on one of the largest eCommerce platforms in Bangladesh – Robishop

Besides, throughout the year, to name a few, we developed Broker Pro – a transportation management system for the US market, Learn Socially – a learning/teaching platform, KnowMeNow – a blockchain-enabled KYC, Gaanwala – a music app, a biofuel optimization tool for PwC, and a 360-degree diagnostic survey tool for International Trade Centre.

Accolades and certification:

Nascenia got awarded for the President’s Award for Industrial Development this year. This is a huge recognition for us – the president of Bangladesh handed over the award. It was a happy and proud moment!

President's Award

Since our inception, we have emphasized heavily on delivering quality. To make things formal and consistent, we earned ISO 9001:2015 certification. 


We went to Japan to attend in Japan IT week held in Tokyo Big Sight. We met some wonderful people there and started collaborating with some of them.

We challenged ourselves with a run of 10 Kilometers in Nascenia! Here you can see some tired, happy faces.

We helped some underprivileged talented students of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) by purchasing them laptops as part of our social responsibility

We conducted several interactive learning sessions with different universities in Bangladesh. Our expert teams went to IIUC (International Islamic University Chittagong) and IUT (Islamic University of Technology) to share their knowledge and experiences with the students, faculties and other related personnel.

We enjoyed a week full of fun and refreshments several months back. We played indoor games like Table Tennis, Ludo, Chess, etc. 

What is coming in 2020?

In 2020, we want to focus heavily on AI. As a part of this goal, we are developing the largest AI-based chatbot in Bangladesh – the Government of Bangladesh is our client which will be supported by UNDP and a2i. We expect to release it by July 2020.

In order to help organizations to manage their value-added taxes, we are developing Uddogi, which will make the company’s life simple and easier. 

We will also focus on the telecommunication sector – we are in the process of developing an end to end Solution for Network operational efficiency of Robi Axiata. 

We want to grow further this year and want to deliver happiness to our customers and add more happy customers to our family! It will only be possible if you believe in us. 

We wish you all a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year!

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