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Ruby on Rails started its journey worldwide in 2005. It was introduced to Bangladesh in mid 2007 by a US based company which later became Code71.

Let me give a little more overview on Ruby on Rails (RoR) in Bangladesh.

Companies worked in Ruby on Rails in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh the first notable application that was made of RoR is Scrumpad. It  is developed by Code71 and was developed in RoR 1.2. It was deployed on IIS first, and later moved to Apache running in Amazon EC2. Starting with a three persons company in two years Code71 became a 17 persons company. Quite a few web applications were built by this team. With core focus on Ruby Code71 worked in .Net and php too. code71, however, dissolved its offshore development center in Bangladesh in mid 2011 to become a single-product-focused company.

Three ex-employees from Code71 formed Nascenia when former shut down its operation in Bangladesh. Nascenia focused on Ruby on Rails, too. At the time of writing this blog, more than 20 applications are developed by Nascenia in RoR. The projects are developed by its customers in USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia and even India. They also built a couple of products for Bangladeshi market, one of them is which received massive popularity.

bdipo, a IPO related site built on Ruby on Rails a popular Bangladeshi site built by Ruby on Rails

Another company that came to my notice working on RoR was TekSymmetry, which was later acquired and named as Tasawr Interactive. Tasawr among many other things, still works or like to work on RoR, I believe. And I know that Grameen Solutions and Vantage Labs work or worked on Ruby on Rails. There is a product company, Akhoni, who develops its product in Ruby on Rails. Apart from these, there are a handful developers who are experts in RoR, but either they are in other technologies now, or work as a freelancers.

Communities of Ruby on Rails in Bangladesh

There is a Google group for Ruby on Rails developers in Bangladesh. Currently there are  73 members in it, not very active though. Recently a newcomer, Erfan with all his enthusiasm, started a Facebook group; the group is still forming.

Websites built in  Ruby on Rails in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi live web products developed in Ruby on Rails are:,,,, a Bangladeshi site built on Ruby on Rails, a Bangladeshi site for food lovers, built by Ruby on Rails

Among these is the most popular web application developed in Ruby on Rails. This site is developed and owned by Nascenia. There are a couple more those can be ranked in the top SaaS products in Bangladesh.

PS: Most of the information above is based on our best knowledge; please enlighten us by commenting below, if you know better. I am sure some of you do.

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