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Contributor: Mehreen Chowdhury, Marketing Executive, Nascenia

Someone asked me last morning about the advantages of using the programming language ‘Ruby’. Well, he was very much confused about the benefits of using Ruby instead of other programming languages. So I am pointing out some key points which I hope will help to know why you should learn Ruby.

An elegant language that looks natural

The syntax of Ruby itself is something to be fond of. If you have written code in Ruby, you know what I mean. It’s more like the human language than something for the machines. It feels like Ruby could understand the emotion and it expresses the exact thought of your mind.

There’s hardly any functionality for which you won’t find RubyGems

The open source community and contributors are so much active that you will always find multiple RubyGems for a single functionality. What differs is the quality of the popular libraries. They are maintained by some of the smartest programmers and open source contributors. Not only the quality of code but also the test coverage means you can just plugin it in your project and start developing. This is an awesome feature that Ruby can only provide you.

Used to build one of the most mature web frameworks available today

Ruby on Rails framework has been the most advanced web frameworks around. The functionalities available in Ruby on Rails framework have been followed on to other web frameworks build on various languages.

The learning curve is surprisingly steep

The ruby language is easy to pick up and start coding and be productive comparing to other languages. Here I can suggest you some popular Books on Ruby on Rails which I think definitely will help you to enhance your knowledge.

You can bend the language to suit your needs

Ruby offers the benefit to change the internal language library codes and customize it to your need. It is a dynamic language and offers all the features you can expect from a dynamic language.

Check out the list of companies, communities and the websites that built in ruby on rails in Bangladesh.

Popular websites built in Ruby on Rails

Some popular websites those are built in Ruby on Rails

I will appreciate if you want to add any other benefit that can be useful too by commenting here below.

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