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Contributor: Nahian-Al-Hossain, Nascenia

The number of developers you should hire depends on some factors:

  • The amount of work to be done
  • How far the deadline is
  • Number of different technologies that you need to develop your app

However, it is always preferable to hire multiple developers. The benefits of hiring multiple developers over single developer are:

1. Reduction of project completion time

Apparently it seems hiring single developer will reduce the cost as if you hire multiple developers, then you have to pay for more than one developer.
However, the total cost depends on two factors – number of developers and time needed to complete the project. If you hire multiple developers, then the project completion time will decline. Thus the effect of hiring more developers will be nullified by reduced completion time. The development will be faster, and of better quality.

2. Enjoying benefits of teamwork

Developers will be more confident as they can discuss problems within themselves. They will enjoy the advantages of teamwork.

3. Overcoming stuck situation

There is a very common problem that developers sometimes get stuck in middle of a solution. In such circumstances, teamwork helps to overcome this situation.

4. Meeting deadline while someone falls sick

It may happen that one may fall sick before a crucial deadline. If your hire multiple developers, then the developers can share their knowledges. If one falls sick, others are still there to meet the deadline.

You need to be careful about some facts, if you hire multiple developers:

1. Scope to split the work

There should have scope to split the work for the multiple developers. otherwise if multiple developers work on the same task, there may have some overheads. Scope things very well.

2. Project management tools

Create a very clear roadmap of your project. Use project management tools like Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp to keep track of your correspondence regarding requirements.

3. Coordination

The more the number of developers, the more time you need to spend to keep them all on the same page. You need coordination among the developers. Make sure they all talk to each other, and make sure any problems get solved immediately. It is better to hire project manager to manage these things well.

I hope that helps. You can check out more articles on web and mobile application development.

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