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Are you looking for the best software development company in Bangladesh? Bangladesh boasts a thriving software development scene and when it comes to the absolute best, Nascenia consistently rises above the rest.

Bangladesh has become one of the most lucrative outsourcing destinations for IT solutions in the world of software development. Being the eighth-most populated country and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world(Source: WorldBank), she can offer you a deadly combo of both quality and cost-efficiency.

According to the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) of Oxford University in the UK, Bangladesh now contributes 16.8% of all outsourced online workers worldwide, a rate which is second only to India at 24.6%.  As of 2023, there were over 4500 software companies in the country, employing over 300,000 developers and specialists, growing rapidly in 2024. This article will shed light on why Bangladesh is the best software outsourcing destination and also get you introduced with the top IT companies in Bangladesh. Watch this video to get more insights:

List Of Top 5 Software Development Companies In Bangladesh

1. Nascenia

Nascenia, one of the best software development companies since 2010, consists of the largest RoR team in Bangladesh. Their core expertise is Ruby on Rails along with other popular languages (PHP, Objective C) and frameworks(.Net) including Android and iOS.

They have served different industries with custom solutions adapting to various technologies. With a giant developer team, Nascenia has footprints in over 21 countries and is interested in working with a lot more too! Nascenia embraces diversity, working with different businesses from different countries, embracing diverse cultures and interests, and enjoying the mindful experience.

Top 5 Software Development Company in Bangladesh | Nascenia

Nascenia secured its place as one of the leading software development companies in Bangladesh through its activities over a long time.

It has an outstanding reputation in building world-class software solutions including web and mobile apps. They have experience working with a variety of entities such as multinational companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, and startups with tight budgets. Their expertise allows them to provide services such as building IT infrastructures, MVP services, end-to-end development, team augmentation, and offshore office expansion services.

Recognizing their good work, this outsourcing company has achieved multiple national and international awards and accolades. Nascenia won the BASIS Outsourcing Award twice consecutively in 2014 and 2015. In 2017,  they won both the President’s Award for Industrial Development (in the hi-tech category) and the National Productivity & Quality Excellence Award.

They have worked with esteemed clientele such as UNDP, PwC, Telenor, Robi Axiata, Khan Academy, a2i, Ritani, etc. They have experience with companies all over the world including North America and European countries. Their expertise, experience, and willingness to adapt to the demands of time make them one of the top IT companies in Bangladesh.

2. Brain Station

Brain Station is an elegant name in the Bangladesh software industry that develops enterprise applications and provides services for big data & cloud technologies.

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This bespoke software development firm started its journey in 2006 and since then has been serving clients all over the world. Their clients are mainly from Fintech industries like local banks, eCommerce sites, and payment processing systems. They’ve also worked on some government projects. The motto of Brainstation is “Develop smarter solutions, Build better Softwares.”

They are focused on building a long-term strategic partnership with Global IT firms and MNCs whether it’s a large corporation like British Telecom, Paypal, and many more providing SaaS-based ERP solutions.

3. Datasoft

Datasoft is one of the first Bangladeshi software development agencies catering mostly to the local market. They are another reliable name in the software industry of Bangladesh.

DataSoft | Nascenia Blog

Datasoft is another reliable name in the software industry of Bangladesh.

Since 1998, they have been serving clients with a vision to deliver quality solutions to build The Digital Delta powered by innovation and guided by integrity. They deliver innovative and cost-effective technical services to customers in both Corporate and public sector undertakings.

Some of their clients are British American Tobacco, Citi Bank, DHL, Chevron, Eastern Bank, and bKash. They have expertise in the financial ecosystem, ERP, and Port & logistics. Currently, they are trying to get involved in the IoT (Internet of Things) business.

In 2012, DataSoft was awarded Superbrands Bangladesh status.

4. Kaz Software

Kaz was founded in 2004 and has been serving as a software development and IT company for the last 15 years. It has a talented team of engineers and designers who help them develop great software.

Kaz Software | Nascenia Blog

Despite being small in size, Kaz Software’s contribution to the Bangladeshi software industry is substantial.

Till now they have developed 120+ software and served 100+ companies from different parts of the world. This software firm is still a start-up but they deserve to be on this list considering its quality of work.

Swiss Contact, QFC, Regulatory Analytics, Thomson Reuters, Tap Mafia are some of their mentionable clients.

5. TigerIT

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TigerIT is another Bangladesh based IT solution provider with 18 years of experience in biometric research and large scale data sets. They have a proven ability to carry out national projects worldwide and have experience working on government projects of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Canada.

TigerIT is working as a leader in transforming the power of large scale biometrics identity management solutions where it’s needed. Its Automated Fingerprint Identification System ‘TigerAFIS’, is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the USA and it is ranked among the top in the world.

Exploration of Bangladesh’s Software Development Industry

Below are the key factors behind the success of Bangladesh in recent time:

  • Education: Bangladesh has been making noticeable progress in engineering and technical education. It has 148 universities in total (46 public, 97 private, 2 international, and 3 special universities) for the bulk of higher studies(Source: Wikipedia). Each year, 546,00,000 graduates enter the job market(Source: Daily Star). There are about 1 million freelancers in the country, among which 650,000 work in the IT industry specifically, bringing in about a billion dollars a year according to estimates of the ICT minister (Source: The Daily Star).
  • Communication in English: At all levels of schooling, students learn English from a very early stage. There are curriculums available for students where all subjects are taught in English. Even if a student goes through their early education in their native language of Bengali, they are still required to learn and speak English. Afterwards from the undergraduate level, all the subjects are taught in English. So proficiency in English becomes a necessity regardless of background. As a result, almost every student can communicate in English on a basic level, making the whole scene friendly to international clients.The number of students taking the globally standardized IELTS exam jumping from 35000 to 100000 can also indicate English proficiency in the country.
  • Infrastructure:The Internet has reached even in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Although facing many constraints in expanding Internet access and use, development of the Internet and Information Technology are high government priorities.As of 2024, there are over 190 million mobile internet users and 127 million internet subscribers according to BTRC. On 19 February 2018, Bangladesh started the 4G network service and soon will enter 5G along with the developing countries. The energy sector of Bangladesh is booming. As of 2022, Bangladesh has achieved 100 percent coverage of electricity in the country (Source: The Daily Star). Besides these, Bangladesh is experiencing rapid progress in terms of building infrastructure. So power and the internet are not a problem over here as it used to be 10 years ago.
  • Availability of resources: The young population across the globe has reached a remarkable 1.8 billion out of 7.3 billion. Around 47.6 million of the 1.8 billion youth are from Bangladesh. 30 percent of the total 158.5 million people in Bangladesh are young (10-24 years) and the literacy rate now stands at about 77%(Source: NewAgeBD).The youth are energetic and eager to learn. With the aid of the internet and educational system and the passion for self-learning, they are well equipped with cutting-edge technologies to accomplish any task they are assigned.
  • Cost:Hiring remote employees in Bangladesh is quite affordable as compared to a full-time employee and you can save up to 50% in business costs by hiring from Bangladesh. A.T. Kearney, a leading management consultancy firm with offices in more than 40 countries, has for the first time included Bangladesh in its Top 50 Global Services Location Index.It’s a glory for Bangladeshi software companies to compete with the best companies from different countries and stand out from the crowd. In this flooded talent market, it is highly difficult to find the right software development partner.
  • Adaptation: With the youth of Bangladesh being more familiar with the internet and being aware of the latest industry trends, the IT sector of Bangladesh has kept up and integrated new technological advancements such as AI and VR. As a result, you will find some of the best IT service companies for AI/ML and AR/VR solutions. Not to mention, you find solutions at very competitive prices in the global market according to your needs

It’s a glory for Bangladeshi software companies to compete with the best companies from different countries and stand out from the crowd. In this flooded talent market, it is highly difficult to find the right software development partner.

Why they’re the Best Software Development Company in BD

If you pick any software agency from the above list and read their portfolio, you will realize that they have played a key role in the success of many well-known brands. They can provide you with all kinds of standard and custom software solutions catered to your needs.

Recognition and Honors

These businesses have been recognized with both domestic and international honors, demonstrating their dedication to quality and originality in software development. 

The ICT division of Bangladesh along with other prestigious associations like BASIS and the World Confederation of Businesses award software companies to give them the recognition they deserve and stimulate growth in the industry, which is evident in the projects undertaken by these companies.

Highly competitive advantages in the global market

With a combination of competitive pricing in the global market and premium work quality, Bangladesh has become one of the more popular places for outsourcing software development services. 

With a variety of options that can satisfy your specific needs from a fairly large pool of talents, along with a government that invests in the development of the sector, you cannot go wrong with choosing a company from Bangladesh.


They show conformity to international standards in information security management and quality management, respectively, with certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001. With such great accolades, Bangladesh has become one of the more popular IT outsourcing destinations for international clients in Asia.

Years in Operation

Their sustained presence in the market is evidence of their tenacity, knowledge, and flexibility in the face of a constantly changing technology environment. This allows for long-term partnerships between IT Solutions companies and clients across the globe.

Market Leadership and Strengths

Every business has made a name for itself in a certain specialty, whether it be mobile applications, ERP systems, or bespoke software development, and has become a leader in that field. So if you have specific needs for your project, chances are that there is a company specializing in the field you need.

Client Portfolio and Notable Projects:

Their outstanding portfolios, which showcase their capacity to produce high-caliber solutions, include work for international behemoths as well as significant projects that have received worldwide notice.

From major local Government projects to huge international ones, you are very likely to find a project done in your own country that was undertaken by a company operating in Bangladesh.

Work Quality and Customer Feedback

The image of the agencies of Bangladesh as premier software development firm is further cemented by positive comments and testimonials from happy clients, which emphasize their dedication to producing projects that are beyond expectations. A lot of the companies built their clientele through positive word of mouth with very minimal advertisement, which speaks a lot about the work quality you will find here.

Contribution to the economy of the country

The software and IT industry has played a significant role in bolstering the country’s economy as a whole. This sector has not only created employment opportunities for a lot of our young graduates but has also invited a lot of foreign direct investments (FDI). This is a great indicator of the sector’s success, telling what you need to know about the companies involved.


Bangladesh has a thriving software scene now and will only continue to grow and improve from here. It is no accident that the Bangladesh IT sector has become a major force in the international software development industry.

It is the outcome of strategic advantages including an experienced labor pool, affordability, and a favorable business climate coupled with its leading software businesses’ unwavering quest for excellence.

The future of Bangladesh’s software sector is bright, with tremendous prospects for global technical development and collaboration as these businesses persist in innovating and growing their worldwide presence.

Where are you outsourcing your work currently?

Consider Bangladesh and her vast pool of talents to bring your ideas to fruition.

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