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Contributor: Hasan Faisal, Intern, Nascenia

Nowadays many business firms across the globe are using technology outsourcing. If you are thinking about outsourcing, then you may come across challenges while selecting your most appropriate outsourcing partner. You may consider the following criteria in choosing an outsourcing partner.

A Rich Portfolio

Before selecting your outsourcing partner, you should check the previous work experience of the firm. You can trust a firm which has already worked on several projects successfully. For example, Nascenia which has already completed more than 50 projects including Bettingexpert, Plexina, Snapknot, Horsecount, Brokerpro, Simple Signup, Khan Academy Bangla and Business for Peace Foundation.

Previous Client Reference

Firms which have successfully completed previous projects and got appreciation from the clients will obviously provide previous client reference. This will help you to get the proper justification of their capabilities and dedications from their clients. If you visit the website of Nascenia, you will see the words of appreciation from our clients.

We have worked with Patrick Stockwell, Founder of Volta Inc. USA, in a project named Baller ID. Here what he said about us:

“Everything went extremely well. My project was fairly complex and required Nascenia to investigate new technologies/APIs. They succeeded with flying colors and I can’t wait to get started on another project. I was very impressed with their communication and willingness to move directions slightly. The code produced was excellent. Fantastic team!”

Comprehensive Service

You should choose a partner which provides multiple software services in terms of design, development, testing & deployment. A freelancer has expertise on certain services whereas a team of software engineers have expertise on multiple software services. So, an IT firm will provide you a better support than a freelancer who is specializing on one or two areas. You might be developing a website right now but you may require a mobile app in coming days. In such cases having same solution provider will make implementation more controlled and streamlined.


It is very important to ensure all the correspondence is completely confidential. You may check clients references and talk to them to know about the reliability of the firm. For ensuring further reliability you may sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Moreover, you can sign an IP documentation with the company to ensure the ownership of intellectual property rights.

The reason why I recommend firms is that firms tend to have more legal obligations than freelance outsourcing teams. Your idea is valuable. You should choose a partner who is legally bound to work according to your terms. If anything goes wrong, you will be able to identify and hold a firm responsible for the action.

I hope it helps. Please check out other articles on outsourcing and software development in Nascenia Blog.

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