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How to Choose the Right .Net Development Company

Outsourcing .Net software development can help your company by providing an expert team if your company lacks manpower. Your company needs not to hire new employees to improve performance and pay them on a fixed basis rather you can pay only for the service rendered to your company.

Thus costs will be reduced. However, you must be careful while outsourcing your .NET project development to a partner matching your requirements. You need to consider the following factors while looking for a .NET development partner.

Experience of the team

Before hiring an outsourcing partner, check the experience of the company. A company with a long-time existence and a good number of projects should be chosen because without consistent delivery of quality service long existence and completion of a good number of projects are not possible.

Check the experience of the developers too. Experienced developers can run your project more smoothly. The more experience a developer has, the easier it is to deal with the technology.

Client reference and awards

Check if the company has client references on its website. A company that renders quality service will get client references. You can contact the client who referred them for verification. You can also check whether the firm has won any national or international award as a recognition of its service excellence.

Multiple services under one roof

Choose a firm that will provide you with multiple services. Seeking only development services is not wise. Testing and deployment are also important after development.

Hire a firm that can do all these things. It will make good coordination among different stages of software development and, eventually, make a better product.

Maintenance is another crucial part as after building your application you may need to update it as well as resolve complications that may arise.

Your company may now build only web applications. However, after some days you may decide to build a mobile app. If your .NET outsourcing partner makes both web and mobile applications, then it would be helpful for you. Your outsourcing partner will understand your requirement as they have already worked on it. It will save both your time and cost.

Management tools and communication

While building a product, sometimes changes in requirements arise. Choose a firm that can adapt to changes in requirements. The firm follows an agile methodology and can adapt to changes. Besides you need a team that can guide you in every step of the development process. Regular and good communication here plays a very important role.

Protect your intellectual property

You may have to start a conversation with more than one firm to find a good match for your company, may have to share ideas with them. Be careful to protect your idea. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when you start sharing your idea with any firm.

I hope that helps. Check out our other articles on the web and mobile app development.

Contributor: Nahian-Al-Hossain, Nascenia

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