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Which is the eye-catching element attracts you most when you see a graphical work? Think for a moment! … I am sure the answer will be nothing other than Typography. Yes, it is the most essential part of the design which designers can’t ignore if they want to get meaningful output from a design.

What is Typography?

If I say in a simple way, it’s a style of writing any letter in a way to make the design attractive & meaningful to the people. Typographers should know its law and inner workings for creating quality designs.

See which one looks better?

Good & Bad Typography Example

Example of good and bad type typography

Some Tips on Typography

A few things that you should remember in web typography are-

Selecting Fonts

Try to avoid bad fonts which does not look good on your design. The worst font can make your beautiful designs worst too. Mainly it conveys the important information which is needed for the design. Right choice of fonts can make the design very clean & impressive to its viewers. Therefore selecting the best fonts is very necessary for the designers.

Selecting fonts | Nascenia

Make sure you choose the right font for typography

Avoid Too Many Fonts

Viewers will be distracted if you use too many fonts in a single design. Designers must not want their audience to be distracted. Are they? So be aware of it. To make creative designs by using minimum fonts and colors is the main challenge for the designers.

Using too many fonts is bad | Typography | Nascenia

Avoid using too many fonts in typography


You should care about ‘Kerning’ especially to design logo or headlines. The process of adjusting the spaces between letters in a way that makes you pleased to see is called kerning. Different fonts required different spaces.

Kerning | Typography

About finding the right space between letters and words

Readable & Legible

It should be easily readable. If readers find it complex to understand, it will create a negative impact on the design. However, it should be meaningful too.

Readability & Legibility | Typography | Nascenia

Words and letters should be readable and legible

Typography can play a vital role to make you successful in creating beautiful web designs. It helps to generate a visual hierarchy. It makes text easier to read. People will love if you can make them understand what you are actually trying to say through your design. So don’t take it for granted.

Contributor: Mehreen Chowdhury, Marketing Executive, Nascenia

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