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When it comes to web development solutions, businesses are often unsure of what they are looking for as they are unversed in programming terminologies. To make it easier, web development is often divided into two broad categories: frontend and backend web development. Let’s take a look at the two.

Frontend Web Development

Everything that a user can see and interact with on any web page is the result of frontend development. It is important that the website/application is easy to navigate, engaging, and in par with current design trends as the users’ needs are constantly changing.

On the frontend, UI and UX designers work on the look and feel of the application, while frontend developers code the designs through the use of languages.

User Interface (UI) Designers

They make the designs which are mockups/wireframes but are not involved in the coding of designs. To do so, they use tools such as Photoshop, Balsamiq,, InVision, etc.

User Experience (UX) Designers

They judge where the elements, such as navigation buttons, sidebars, etc., should be placed, and monitor user behavior to make appropriate changes over time.

Frontend Web Development

They work with languages that help translate the web design into code.

Frontend Web Development

The three languages, the skillset of which are essential to frontend web development, are as follows.

  • HTML is a markup language which helps to translate the codes into a language that browsers can interpret in order to display the coded information into a user-friendly interface.
  • CSS is used to stylise the web page through the use of templates, color combinations, fonts, etc., all of which make the website/application more attractive. Some CSS frameworks are Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Blueprint, Boilerplate, Semantic UI, and 960 Grid System.
  • Javascript is used to add even more dynamic elements to the website/application, including transitions, contact forms, endless page, etc. The widespread popularity of Javascript was prompted by jQuery, a cross-platform JavaScript library that makes JavaScript easy to use.

The combination of these three languages brings the web design to life. It is possible for a frontend web developer to develop a static website which only displays information.

Backend Web Development

Backend development is what turns a static website into a dynamic, ever-adapting one. It manages what happens behind the scenes, and runs everything efficiently so that the user can enjoy a smooth experience. This includes managing how the data is being stored, how database tables are linked to each other, whether the security is intact, etc.

Three components work together simultaneously in the backend (server side) to make the frontend (client side) work as it does: the server, the database, and the application.

The database stores all the data in such a manner that it can be easily located and changed whenever necessary. Any change made in the database is visible across the web application. Backend programming requires language that the database can interpret, and which tells the browser what to use from the database located in the server.

And so, the frontend runs with the help of this backend process.

Backend Web Development
Some widely used backend programming languages and frameworks, also used by Nascenia, are as follows.

  • Ruby on Rails
    Ruby became one of the widest used programming languages in a very short span of time, mainly due to the framework, Ruby on Rails. What makes it so appealing is its efficiency and ease of readability, and is a popular choice for small-medium sized businesses.
  • PHP
    PHP is the most widely used programming language due to its ease of use combined with its advanced programming capabilities. This means that amateurs can easily start coding, while professionals can play with the more advanced features.
  • Python
    Python is one of the most popular languages commonly used in a framework named Django. It is a close contender of Ruby as they can be used in similar circumstances.
  • MySQL
    This is a type of database query language employed by servers.

There are lots of other languages that a programmer can use to develop a web application.

The development of a web application is a teamwork. Before hiring a company, it is necessary to take a look at their expertise in order to ascertain whether the company is the right fit for your application needs. Over the last 14 years, Nascenia has teamed with over 100 companies across the globe and helped to materialize their app vision.

We would love to do the same for you, so if you’re interested, just get in touch with us, we will take care of the rest!


Contributor: Sawda Alvi, Nascenia

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