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An individual’s user experience or UX is how they interact with a digital product. UX design is a key component in developing products and interfaces that respond to demanding users needs. However, have you wondered about the UX design processes?

In order to explore the fascinating and complex field of UX, Nascenia arranged a workshop on UX on January 30, 2019. It was an interactive and enjoyable as well as an educative workshop, conducted by Shaer Hassan (CEO, Nascenia) and Tariqual Hassan (SQA Manager, Nascenia). It helped us gather, brainstorm and generate new ideas together to make better decisions.

UX Workshop - 2019

The workshop was started with a brief explanation of UX and it’s importance. We learned that if companies “educate” their employees about user design and interaction, UX design will not act as a separate component of software development or UX expert rather will be integrated into the whole agile software development lifecycle. Because UX professionals are not lone fighters, but mediators between users, business managers, and developers.

At the second phase, an interactive session was arranged which included various activities like persona creation, user experience graph towards getting the final product and prepare demo of products etc. After the interactive session, some examples of good UX and bad UX were shown to us. Overall it was a great experience for all the attendees.

Some moments from our workshop:

It was a fun day that came along with a package of useful knowledge.

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