Using subversion client with Net Beans 6.5 and Tortoise 1.5.x

January 11, 2009

I recently upgraded my Net Beans to it’s 6.5 version and Tortoise to 1.5.x. Since then my subversion client is not working and showing an error message as “please get a newer Subversion client”. The fix is the following one:

Go to Tools=>Plugins=>Available Plugins and install Subvesion 1.5 for windows bridge.

If it does not fix your problem then,

Go to Tools=> Options=> Miscellaneous=> Versioning=> Subversion. You will find an input field to specify SVN home folder. You can specify where you installed your latest Subversion client software here.

Contributor: Fuad Bin Omar, COO, Nascenia

Tags: Net Beans,

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Thanks for the post. It is strictly version dependent, as your post is about netbean 6.5 and Tortoise 1.5.x.
I was trying with Tortoise 1.6.x and SVN-1.4.6 in netbean 6.5. But it seems SVN-1.4.6 can not be used along with latest Tortoise…

However at last got rid by using
Tortoise 1.5.x, SVN-1.4.6, Collabnet 1.5.3 in neatbeans 6.5
Trying to be happy with older versions . 🙁


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