Published On: October 28th, 20100.7 min read

Nascenia IT, the team behind bdipo, is looking for a fresh talent to fill its growing need.

Are you passionate about programming? Do you have a pretty good idea about object-oriented programming? Do you know about web technologies? Did you ever code in Java, .NET, RoR, PHP, or any other server-side scripting language? If your answers are yeses, you may read through.

If you are a CSE graduate, you are fine. If you are not, but have hands-on experience in programming, you are okay, too. If you dream to bring changes in your life and in all of the people around you, not by fighting, or by talking, but by coding — we must be looking for you.

If you wanna build something greater than yourself, something greater than all of us, you won’t regret clicking the link here. Go ahead!

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