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Contributor: Mehreen Chowdhury, Marketing Executive, Nascenia

Will the technology be a part of our body? No wonder why this question is knocking my head! Our eyes are already going to speak! Yes, I am talking about the Google glass. Obviously there are many more.

The Muslim Prophet Muḥammad (PBUH) stated many things about The Day of Judgment. In one of his statements, He said, “The Day of Judgment will not come until the time when a man will leave his home, and his shoes or whip or stick will tell what is happening to his family.” (Ahmad).

Perhaps, the Prophet wanted to say about these wearable devices! Devices like, Nike+ Running App gives you the audio feedback by tracking your distance, pace, time and calories burned with GPS. So, these shoes are already talking with us!

Therefore, wearable devices are the future! Technology works on its fullest potential when technology is invisible.

Technology has become intrusive now. People want a simple and smooth life. Where tech is making our lives easier, it has also increasing extra work for us. Suppose you want to share how long you run per day on your social networking sites. Then you need to interact with external computing device to update your status. If you have any solution in your shoes that helps you to update your data automatically via invisible connection, life will be very easy. That time seems not so far!

Technology is growing up so faster than we can imagine. New inventions are taking our world into a new age called ‘Wearable Technology’.

Let’s talk about some of them briefly.

Eyewear–Google glass

Google glass is a very unique wearable device. Actually it’s a wearable smartphone in a form of sunglasses. It can do various tasks by your voice command.

You can take photos, record videos, find information, and share live videos without touching the hardware.  It has flash memory for storing your images and videos. You can also share it on social networking websites and emails through Google glass.

Google glass

Google glass has made it easy to take a snap!

It can also show you text messages and emails. Even it will allow you to give reply via voice commands.

Google glass

Google glass – A unique wearable device!

Google map is integrated into glass. It will show you the map if you ask about any location.

If you are in trouble to understand any language, simply ask Google glass to translate a phrase or any sentence from one language to another. It will speak that out.

Google has been integrated in this device. Now you can keep track of all your habits by using it. Such as your office leaving time or the time you leave for office or the route you take for any place etc. If you face any trouble for traffic, it will give you alternate routes too. Isn’t it cool?

Smart Watches

Another ambitious wearable tech is smartwatches. There is no more need to check your phone to see text messages, emails, calendar alerts or recent phone calls. Simply you can see it from a 1.26 inch color OLED display on your wrist watch and get the all notifications. Pebble Smartwatch, Martian Smartwatch, iWatch, Cookoo Smartwatch, Metawatch has got the place of top 5 smart watches 2013.

Take a glance at Pebble Watch as an example of Smart watches.

Pebble Watch
Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch – A Smart Watch of 2013!

The best smartwatch of 2013 developed by Pebble technology brought an excitement among the people. All you need to do is to connect Pebble by Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device. Download the Pebble app onto your phone for set up and you will find all software updates are wirelessly transmitted to your Pebble. Therefore, get all your phone notifications on your hand.

Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch in different colors

The latest technology has made our life very easy. It can also use as a bike computer by accessing the GPS on your smartphone to display speed, distance and pace data. Runners can get a similar kind of data displayed on their wrist.


Pebble as a bike computing device!


LumoBack is an amazing tech which you can wear on your lower back. A small device, having wireless connection to your iPhone or iPad, can track your all daily movements. It will vibrate if you slouch and let you know when you need to straighten up. It can bring a great impact on your health. You can track that how much your posture is improving by using it.


LumoBack helps you to stay healthy and fit

Personal Sound Track T-shirt

Music lovers can get now your own soundtrack t-shirt! The Personal Sound Track T-shirt has a wearable audio solution. There is a speaker embedded into the front of the shirt. The Personal Sound Track Remote has 1 to 20 buttons allows you to get music or sound effect appropriate for any situation. Add your own sounds and enjoy!


Personal Sound Track T-shirt for the music lovers are now available

Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up is for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s a wristband which has a sleep tracker, a meal tracker, an activity tracker, a pedometer and a vibrating alarm clock in iPhone-connected bracelet. It vibrates even when you have been sitting still for a long time. It looks pretty cool in different colors!


Jawbone up – A wristband for leading a healthy life

3RD Space FPS Gaming Vest

Advanced technology wants you now to feel the game instead of just watching or listening. 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest will create the environment and give you the real feeling of doing actions in your games.


Feel the game with 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest!

Future of Technology

There was days when people couldn’t think about using technologies like mobile phones Now we are so much connected with smartphones that, we can’t think of a single day without them.  Soon, we might embrace wearable devices with us in a degree that, we can’t imagine right now!

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